Ntsiki Mazwai declares no tolerance for Twitter attacks any more

Ntsiki Mazwai declares no tolerance for Twitter attacks any more

If there’s one thing poet and controversial tweep Ntsiki Mazwai has mastered, it’s leaving tweeps in their feels over her thoughts and opinions on everything from politics to celebrity culture and 2020 was no different!

Ntsiki Mazwai declares no tolerance for Twitter attacks any more

Unless you’ve got been blocked from viewing her timeline, Ntsiki’s Twitter TL may be a place where you’re either screaming “Yasss queen, tell them!” otherwise you are cringing and wondering, “Why is she always mad?”, and there is no in-between.

Ntsiki’s TL quickly spits out lukewarm followers because her often controversial tweets need an individual to select aside. For fear of being blocked, one also must be ready to articulate their opinion — either for or against Ntsiki’s views – with the quantity of “emotional intelligence” she deems fit.

This year, the great sis engaged during a fair amount of fighting with almost everyone on the Mzansi celebrity A-list, with politicians and with random folk. She also managed to “loudly share” her stance on weaves and what qualifies as black, all while reminding people of Steve Biko’s quite “Black Consciousness” and facilitating a web charity for people to assist one another during the adversity induced by Covid-19.

The poet’s TL is usually busy, and here are seven times Ntsiki and therefore the contents of her TL left a mark on people’s thoughts this year:

Thickleeyonce vs Ntsiki war

At the start of 2020, Ntsiki found herself during a young war about weaves. At this point, her fire was ignited by a now-deleted tweet from Thickleeyonce, who “highlighted” Ntsiki’s love for the weave vs natural hair topic.

The popular photographer and plus-size model appeared to jokingly liken Ntsiki with a meme that shows women intensely watching a computer.

This after Ntsiki tweeted a screenshot of her Google image search that shows white women and their hair, then obvs went on to diss black women who wear weaves because they apparently wear them to “imitate” white hair.

Hectic clap back at Pearl Thusi

Literally days after the Thickleeyonce thing, Ntsiki found herself at the center of another Twitter storm. this point had been after the poet told fans to ignore actress Pearl after the actress threw spicy subs on Twitter that fans were convinced were aimed toward the poet.

It started when Ntsiki weighed in on a discussion about Pearl’s hair.

“Pearl Thusi is half white and also black hair is straightened to form it straight,” she tweeted.

Shortly thereafter, Pearl took to Twitter to precise her frustration and her tweets led tweeps to the conclusion she was tweeting about the poet.

“Like she’s so obsessed that she studied my life, my complexion then added spices,” Pearl tweeted before adding, “That dirty girl is hooked into me and she or he doesn’t even have her facts straight. Wow.”
Ntsiki vs every African woman with a weave!

Ntsiki weighed in on the talk about black women wearing weaves, encouraging them to rock their natural hair proudly – yes, again!

The poet had joined the heated conversation on social media after a mother was upset that her child was sent home from school for wearing long braids. She took to Twitter and acknowledged there was nothing to “brag” about for ladies who hid their real hair by wearing weaves.

Ntsiki also claimed black women were the sole people on the earth to wear two hairstyles on their heads at a time.

“They brag about the Afro they’re ‘hiding’ under a weave. You’re wearing a group of hair, sisi. you are the only woman on the earth who has two hairstyles on one head at an equivalent time.”

Ntsiki Mazwai declares no tolerance for Twitter attacks any more
Ntsiki vs Shawn Mkhize of ‘MaMkhize’ fame

While Mzansi found itself marveling about Shauwn’s lavish life and wishing that they had even just a tenth of her millions, Ntsiki was seemingly unimpressed by her option to “show off” her riches through her reality show.

The businesswoman’s reality shows MaMkhize started airing on Mzansi Magic in 2020.

The poet, who had been sharing her unsolicited opinions about MaMkhize since her reality show made its debut, took to Twitter to let the planet know she believes people that are “poor” in “mind and spirit” are those presumably to point out off.

“Poverty in mind and spirit causes you to boast money. the opposite wealthy people can handle their money without having our validation as an audience,” she said.

Ntsiki said she wasn’t inspired by Shauwn’s come-up story and was even more disappointed that she had allegedly made her riches through political connections.

Ntsiki vs “slay queen” sangoma reality show

Known for being pleased with her African beliefs, poet Ntsiki shared how appalled she is by the “disrespectful” nature of 1 of Mzansi magic’s latest reality shows, Izangoma Zodumo.

Ntsiki sparked debate on Twitter after she shared a video during which she condemned the producers of the show that focuses on the lives of two “larger than life” sangomas, Makgotso Makgopo and Prudence Magagula.

“That show has just made everybody comfortable with disrespecting Bungoma. you do not even have the brilliance or the foresight to show what African spirituality is.

Ntsiki had strong comments about the show and black people.

“Instead you go drag yourselves on the ground like freaking idiots and you think that everybody must clap for you after you’ve got undermined your own spirituality?! You’re so damaged!”

Ntsiki rolling the “peace-pipe” for Juju?

In one of the smallest amount expected tweets of 2020, Ntsiki awakened at some point in November and shared that contrary to popular belief, she would work with EFF leader Julius Malema.

Despite their history of run-ins, Ntsiki has not packed up the thought of 1 day working with Julius.

The pair have feuded for several years, and one fan shared their prayer that Ntsiki would at some point work with Julius.

“I still believe and pray that you simply and Julius Malema can work together,” the user wrote.

Ntsiki responded, suggesting it had been up to the universe to make a decision.

“Sobona what the universe says,” she responded on Twitter.

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