Omuhle Gela is building a new life for her little beauty

Omuhle Gela is building a new life for her little beauty

Actress, model, and mommy have added another title to her name, ‘homeowner!’ The gorgeous mommy announced that she has acquired a replacement double story abode on Instagram and is overwhelmed excitedly.

Omuhle Gela is building a new life for her little beauty

The home is situated in a suburb called Sandhurst, Johannesburg. it’s known to be one of the foremost expensive suburbs within the country due to its pricey real estate.

Now how does a young mom like Omuhle Gela afford such all on her own? Well because of her diligence and dedication to her craft, Omuhle has made an enormous purchase for her daughter and herself.

She isn’t only an actress but she also has multiple streams of income from her Deejaying gigs, clothing designs also as modeling and influencer gigs. What she is most excited about is decorating her daughter’s nursery room. ”Can’t wait to be done, but I’m more excited to try to my daughter’s nursery,” she said.

During a Q&A together with her followers, Omuhle revealed that she has not moved in yet but is going to be occupied when the painting is completed also because of the final touches.

Omuhle is keeping her life super private also as her daughter. In August last year, Omuhle finally confirmed that she was expecting to her fans during a lengthy Instagram post that was dedicated to her bundle of joy. In her post, Omuhle explained her decision to be so private about her pregnancy on her it “was a sentimental transition”.

“This has been the foremost surreal, out of body experience. I’m in disbelief daily and that I wouldn’t trade this experience for a thing within the world, truly the foremost amazing journey I’ve experienced and that I genuinely wanted to enjoy it privately because it’s been an extremely sentimental transition on behalf of me,” wrote Omuhle on Instagram.

On Sunday (September 6) Omuhle shared an image that showed her baby girl’s legs wearing a pink baby overgrow next to a teddy which had a foot written “Baby Girl”.

Another actress to accumulate a home is Asavela Mngqithi who built a house in honor of her late grandmother. She shared on Instagram that she raised her, so as to how of thanking her, she decided to honor her with a home.

“To my late grandmother…MaGamedze nosily gele menu engine khoba enekhoba fuze kulonina (clan names). this is often for your wandikhulisa emblem (you raised me). Hope you cheerful Shlomo Sam (my family) many thanks .”

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