Pabi Moloi: My birthday holds no good memories. Last year was the worst ever

Pabi Moloi: My birthday holds no good memories. Last year was the worst ever

Eminent South Africa n television presenter, actress, and radio DJ, Pabi Moloi is currently one of the foremost popular broadcasters in South Africa.

Pabi Moloi: My birthday holds no good memories. Last year was the worst ever

She earned her stripes over the years with the way she inimitably hosts her shows.

Though a star in her title, Pabi Moloi, together with her down-to-earth attitude and attractive personality, won the hearts of individuals. Her interviewing style and presentation skills make her very versatile and she or he can proficiently host any show remarkably and with total ease.

Besides being a fiercely work-oriented broadcaster, she also features a fun side that endears her to her fans. Pabi Moloi on Instagram recently shared a video clip of herself twerking and her fans were stunned by her crazy moves.

Born on January 18th, 1984, in Johannesburg, South Africa, she is legendary for hosting the M-Net show and later Mzansi Magic – a magazine program Access from 2009 to 2012.

As we celebrate her 37th birthday today, here’s a glance at the year gone for Pabi Moloi.

When she came back on air after her suspension was lifted

Radio host Pabi Moloi came back on air after being suspended for purportedly being rude to a listener. Pabi apparently skilled a caller rudely and apparently even found as a tad bit incoherent.

This incident led to her alleged suspension from the station. Whether she was drunk or sick at the time, it made it difficult for the allegations to be verified.

Though senior employees at Power FM involved the TV and radio presenter to be penalized for ‘disgracing’ the station, Pabi was excused with a suspension after she rendered an apology to the caller and her Power FM listeners.

When Pabi was arrested for drunken driving

Pabi, after a few drinks, made the regrettable decision to drive herself home and got pulled over by the cops. She was arrested and charged for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Though nobody got hurt that night, Pabi was repentant and regretful of her decision to drive after drinking.

Pabi Moloi on Instagram and Twitter announced with remorse that she was arrested and regrets her poor deciding that night during a heartfelt apology:

“I’m truly gutted about this. I had an event in the week that I would like to intensify and take responsibility for. I had drinks and decided to drive myself home on Thursday night. it had been a hasty decision that I take full responsibility. I used to be subsequently arrested for drinking and driving,”

She added that she would turn herself in, saying:

“I will submit myself to the method of the law. I understand the gravity of the potential damage I could have done and that I am so so sorry.”

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