Passion Java questions Ginimbi’s place with God in Heaven or Hell

Passion Java questions Ginimbi’s place with God in Heaven or Hell

Prophet Passion Java who has been beefing with Mai TT and Pokello lately has added another person to his list of enemies. While he’s known to be “a man of God”, Passion Java funds with almost everyone including other prophets.

Passion Java questions Ginimbi's place with God in Heaven or Hell

Passion Java has been exchanging insults with Prophet Madungwe and it all emanated from the discussion of Ginimbi’s destination within the afterlife.
Madungwe said he was in hell and keenness on the opposite hand said he was in heaven and ever since those pronunciations they have been at odds. But a replacement beef has been added into the combination and its ever-escalating.

This time his anger is directed to Andy Baleni owner of 1202 Herbal Solutions who has been bashing the previous on social media.

On several live videos on Instagram, called out Passion Java for being an unbeliever who has been blacklisted in heaven. He even went as far as dragging him for his looks calling him a goat. he’s also being accused of using artists and not paying them.

However Java’s friends are taking the disrespect personally, Uncle Epatan who Passion Java bought a Mercedes Benz for released a diss track titled Wakashinga.

Before Ginimbi’s unexpected death, Passion was always trying to realize relevance by attacking him. the 2 competed in terms of cars, property, and even their birthday parties. This year Ginimbi held an all-white party at what was his Domboshava mansion and keenness Java had a star-studded affair at the Capetown waterfront

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