Pearl Modiadie does her best to advocate for maternal rights

Pearl Modiadie does her best to advocate for maternal rights

While Pearl Modiadie has reportedly choppy together with her baby daddy but she still has only goodies to mention about him.

Pearl Modiadie does her best to advocate for maternal rights

It all started when a Twitter user advised tweeps to settle on their baby daddies carefully. Another user took a dig at Pearl over that tweet. Pearl saw the tweet and replied thereto during a subtle but lethal clap back.

She defended Nathaniel and labeled him “an incredible dad”.

has been basking in her baby Oliver’s birth since she gave birth two months ago. Although she never came out and introduced her baby daddy Nathaniel Oppenheimer to the planet we are wont to see snippets of him on her Instagram stories.

Pearl recently tweeted:
Alone in such a lot better than being unhappy.

β€” 𝐏𝐞𝐚𝐫π₯ 𝐌𝐨𝐝𝐒𝐚𝐝𝐒𝐞 (@PearlModiadie) December 24, 2020
While this might mean anything fans are claiming that this is often a touch that not all is well between her and her baby daddy.

This was also fueled by her Christmas posts without Nathaniel.

She also recently took to Twitter to share a video of herself holding her neonate Oliver and we’re here for it.

The star has kept a really low profile during her pregnancy. The Lunch With Thomas and Pearl co-host refused to comment, post pictures, and dished out the foremost hilarious clappacks to Twitter trolls who tried to invade her privacy with spicy comments.

The radio and television host is now a few months postpartum and has decided that she is prepared to start outperforming on her body. She posted a pic of herself looking slot in her gym gear and judging by her Instagram stories she’s also able to compute reception as she copped her own treadmill.

Although a particular tabloid spilled the tea on Pearl’s pregnancy, she refused to budge and only announced news of her son’s birth after he was born. On 21 September 2020 Pearl took to her social media accounts where she posted a pic of her neonate without revealing his face. “I’ve longed for you. To finally have you ever here feels incredibly surreal… a sense only my soul can deeply comprehend. Welcome to the planet my love…the purest of hearts. You’re perfect in every way. Your father and that I love you dearly” wrote Pearl.

Pearl then unrolled amazing pictures of her maternity shoot but the trolls came to call at full force saying it’s too skimpy and she or he only revealed her baby’s gender and name (Olivier Lewatle) when she posted pics of her stunning nursery.
Pearl Modiadie does her best to advocate for maternal rights
Addressing the critics, Pearl said, “If you cannot stand seeing a bare pregnant belly, welcome to urge off my page, unfollow (or) block. Your negative comments aren’t welcome here! Also, stop feeling so entitled, I do not owe you anything. To everyone else, thanks for the love. I’m happy to share this journey with you.”

Even so, Pearl did everything on her own terms. She has since been slowly letting us in on her motherhood journey, including walks together with her baby, their Huggies endorsement deal, and therefore the cutest little snuggles.

Pearl joins the likes of Minnie Dlamini, who just a couple of days ago posted a sizzling picture of her amazing snapback game.

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