Pearl Modiadie maternity motherhood with this adorable baby

Pearl Modiadie maternity motherhood with this adorable baby

Media personality, Pearl Modiadie has really taken to motherhood with gusto! The radio presenter who is otherwise very private about her life has been giving us glimpses into her parenting journey.

Pearl Modiadie maternity motherhood with this adorable baby

Although she shows off her baby boy, Olivier Lewatle, she makes show never to reveal the face and it leaves many wondering what he seems to like.

Pearl has kept all aspects of motherhood low-key, especially her pregnancy, which was announced directly from her well after she had actually born. We only acknowledged the name and therefore the gender when she did the nursery reveal.

She was even adamant about keeping her pregnancy a secret but that plan went out of the window when a tabloid leaked the news.

“We can confirm that Pearl Modiadie is pregnant which she and her partner are thrilled to be first-time parents. Reports about how far along she is are inaccurate, and she or he prefers to not share this information. She’s appreciative of the good wishes already coming through but has decided to embrace this moment privately together with her partner, family, and really close friends for now,”

Although she had a comparatively great reception from her fans some dragged her maternity draw a bead on being too skimpy but she had no time for his or her trolling.

“If you cannot stand seeing a bare pregnant belly, welcome to urge off my page, unfollow (or) block. Your negative comments aren’t welcome here! Also, stop feeling so entitled, I do not owe you anything. To everyone else, thanks for the love. I’m happy to share this journey with you.”