Pearl Thusi cancels her meeting with Tol Ass Mo

Pearl Thusi cancels her meeting with Tol Ass Mo

Pearl Thusi cancels her meeting with Tol Ass Mo

Social media was outraged over BET Africa giving alleged rapist Tol Ass Mo and wife Mome Mahlangu a platform in an interview with Pearl Thusi on her show Behind The Story.

Tweeps were disappointed at how Pearl Thusi handled the backlash she faced over her part in giving Tol Ass Mo the spotlight whilst disregarding Lerato Moloi’s feelings.

Her ‘lack of empathy’ as some may put it, landed her in predicament and was bullied into locking her Twitter account following a hail of insults.

In a now-deleted Tweet, Pearl referenced Gayle King who interviewed R Kelly and asked why was there no outrage over that interview. during a turn of events, Queen Sono actress took back her words and apologized.

“It’s so important to understand who you’re during a world where people forget the great things you’ve done & change their minds at a whim. The misunderstanding in the week broke my heart. I even have such a lot to mention but tensions are high, & some people will plan to misunderstand anything said.

“That said, there was never any intention to harm, harm, or create an imbalance within the fight against GBV – a fight I even have supported my entire career. And for that, I apologize unreservedly. To be attacked quite ALL the accused combined, or what seems like it. It’s also a symbol of how it’s very easy to attack women,” she wrote.

Pearl said her intentions to interview the comedian was misunderstood however she and BET Africa take full responsibility.

“I see how the intentions with BTS misunderstood & I & BET Africa took responsibility for that. Many of you’ve got no clue of conversations happening behind the scenes & it’s too late now to bring those to light,” she proclaimed.

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