Pearl Thusi receives FNB Award with pride and happiness


Pearl Thusi receives FNB Award with pride and happiness

Along with her long list of accolades, award-winning actress, Pearl Thusi, has become known for calling out service providers who have wronged her.

Pearl Thusi receives FNB Award with pride and happiness

Whilst the remainder folks affect unanswered calls or being placed on hold for hours on end, Pearl has used her platforms to call and shame many companies for his or her incompetence and inconvenience.

In a series lately night tweets on Tuesday, 10 November 2020, Pearl called out First National Bank’s (FNB) business banking service, basically stating that it had been the pits. consistent with the actress, she had taken the recommendation from her followers and opened a business account, however she wished she hadn’t because it’s been an entire nightmare. She stated, “FNB business banking service (heartbroken emoji) To everyone who suggested I do FNB business banking… you didn’t need to put me through this. you’ll have just told me you hate me. “

Like always, Pearl’s influence quickly got the eye of FNB’s Twitter account, which promptly responded with, “Hi Pearl. My heart breaks to ascertain you upset and that I would hate to ascertain you are feeling this manner. Please do send me a DM and supply me your ID number and get in touch with details and that I will get this seen ASAP. I’m really saddened that you simply could also be considering leaving. Please give me an opportunity to ascertain if I can turn this example around and obtain you to remain. What are a number of the problems that have led to the choice to leave?”.

It seems as if Pearl’s concerns were quickly answered, as just a couple of hours later she tweeted, “Always good to return back with feedback. Got sorted with @FNBSA. Thanks, guys.”

Last week, Pearl took to social media to call our City Power Joburg. he informed them that there was an electrical issue that was located outside of her home, and with the inclemency experienced in Johannesburg recently, her family was in peril of being electrocuted. She stated, “Hi @CityPowerJhb, I even have tried everything to urge help & now I’m resorting to social media. a problem that’s putting my family in danger- and an exposed box hanging off the pole right at our gate that sparks & destroys appliances when there are storms. Need help urgently.”

In July 2020, Pearl once more used her star power to call out MTN, Pearl Thusi, tweeted MTN, after she claimed that her data was running out fast. She stated, “Dear @MTNza – don’t know why my contract Data isn’t working so I bought 5GB data day. during a few hours-gone. I loaded 500 airtimes to use to shop for data later- it ended up getting used all of sudden. Now I loaded 6GB & it had been gone in an hour… wasn’t even using my phone. Please help.”