Pearl Thusi used to torment herself when she was young, and Mzansi says so.

Pearl Thusi used to torment herself when she was young, and Mzansi says so.

Actress Pearl Thusi has again weighed in on the colourism debate, revealing how she wont to burn her skin to undertake to suit in.

Pearl Thusi used to torment herself when she was young, and Mzansi says so.

The Queen Sono star made the revelation during a recent interview on Podcast and Chill with Mac G.

Pearl shared her thoughts on “light-skin privilege” and said, growing up, she was the sole light-skinned person in her group. She added that she was often made fun of and bullied for being and searching differently.

When asked whether she wished she was darker-skinned, Pearl said she wont to burn her skin as a toddler due to the teasing.

“Uh, I wont to like burn my skin once I was a child to prevent the teasing,” Thusi told Mac G.

Pearl also cleared the air on her heated exchange about colourism with fellow actress Bonnie Mbuli in 2019, after Bonnie claimed that Pearl was only booked for acting roles due to her complexion.

Pearl explained that she wasn’t saying colourism wasn’t a thing, however being told she was only successful due to her complexion was unfair. She said such comments mentioned her childhood issues.

“They want someone to be upset with, people need someone to be a villain in their story and when you’ve been the chosen one to be the villain, sometimes you’ve just needed to accept that and keep walking.

“My journey has been a stimulating one and at some point, I’ll tell it, but I’m so exhausted defending what I’m and who I’m,” she said.

Soon her name landed on the Twitter trends list again, as fans weighed in on her comments.

Here are a number of reactions:

In October, Pearl spoke to True Love magazine about the exchange with Bonnie, saying colonialism and apartheid had led to people “fighting each other”.

“Colonialism and apartheid were successful in their quest, because to the present day we’re still fighting one another. People aren’t able to have the colourism conversation — which means listening and not expecting the subsequent person to end so you’ll respond.”

She added that until Mzansi was ready, she’d rather do something tangible about colourism than turn it into a fruitless, trending topic.

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