Pebetsi contradictory decisions regarding the subject of marriage

Pebetsi contradictory decisions regarding the subject of marriage

Celebrities never cease to amaze us and therefore the Skeem Saam actress just added her name to the long list of celebrities who make major moves in silence.

Pebetsi contradictory decisions regarding the subject of marriage

Pebetsi Matlaila got married over the weekend just a couple of days after happening social media to seek out all that’s wrong with the marriage.

Celebrities lately seem to be teaching tons of individuals the essence of minding one’s business. The Skeem Saam actress just pulled a Moshe and Phelo on us, we were never ready. only recently Moshe and Phelo revealed that they got married last year just a couple of weeks after their dirty linen was aired, which also suggested that they had choppy. They certainly skill to play this game alright.

Pebetsi however revealed that she kept things all to herself because she wanted to organize herself psychologically. This is sensible seeing how she was totally against marriage a couple of days ago.

“Mrs. Makoti. Wife….#NovemberVibes… I’ve learned to not announce my moves before making them. Not everyone wishes the simplest for you. I even have been preparing myself psychologically,” she wrote on social media.

Pebetsi who plays Mokgadi on Skeem Saam said that she received a helluva lot of e-mails, direct messages, and calls from women reaching out and a few who wanted to drop some pearls of wisdom when it involves marriage. She thanked each and each one among them for assuring her that marriage isn’t all that bad.

She said “I Do” to her man during a beautiful wedding blessed the presence of family, immediate and extended. However, they initially wanted something very small and intimate.

Her friend from Capricorn FM, Hellen Seabi let the cat out of the bag first when she congratulated her friend for the main step she took.

“We love happy endings! I really like you to infinity…. Today was nothing in need of amazing, I’m asleep knowing you’re in good hands….. Forever my Bestie, mother to my Godchild !!! My heart is asleep, I’m going to bed content because of God. Ko rata faktup!!! #Vantoeka …. Skeem Sam Sakala,” she wrote.

Pebetsi and family in her bridal gown. Picture credit: Harare

Before, the actress slammed marriage saying those that are or were married don’t have anything good to mention about it.

“The marriage counselors will tell you oh no. Nothing is to vary from how you were once you were dating and to now. you’ll keep everything an equivalent way. But botsisha a Black and that they don’t have anything good to mention about marriage.”