Poor financial planning in Rami Chuene’s life

Poor financial planning in Rami Chuene’s life

Poor financial planning in Rami Chuene's life

The bubbly and outspoken actress Rami Chuene let her fans into her life and career during a tell-all interview with MacG on Thursday.

These are five things we learned from the interview:

TV and company gigs

Rami said the show business is greater than TV. She said in some instances TV might be used as a “front” to advertise other hustles, like hosting events for corporate companies. She said she hopes the present generation of artists will explore the industry more behind the scenes.

She said she was paid around R500,000 for a couple of days’ work for a company gig.

“The show business is big. It’s ridiculous,” she said.

Regarding the R500,00 gig, she said “It wasn’t for at some point. it had been for a few days, four days approximately, but there are still rehearsals also. They pay well, they are doing pay well,”

Financial struggles

Rami said she’s skilled a rough patch financially, and at one point considered selling her house. This wasn’t due to a scarcity of labor within the industry, but due to poor financial planning.

“There was tons of debt we got into once I was married. Sometimes you say you’ll always be working, which was the case, but sometimes you tend to over-indulge and once you need to buy stuff, you realize you’re quite less than anticipated.”

She warned: “When the banks offer you credit, it’s not your money. stand back from debt.”

On being vocal and ‘The Queen’

She said she never regrets speaking her mind, whether on social media or within the workplace.

“If you thru my social media posts, you’ll see where we did great things I don’t only complain, I also applaud. you would like to be a balanced person with a sound mind and who knows what’s right and what’s wrong. Sometimes it works that you’ve said something, but sometimes it won’t work.”

Poor financial planning in Rami Chuene's life

On exiting ‘The Queen’, she said she has no regrets about speaking her mind.
The ‘Harvey Weinsteins’ of the SA industry

Rami said “couch casting” has always been a drag within the SA show business. She said she knows women who were taken advantage of because they needed to urge their big breaks.

Personally, she has never been asked for sexual favors because most of the people are “scared” of her.

“There has always been a sexual standard that men have set that for you to advance [even in other industries outside entertainment], you would like to travel through that. What kills everything sometimes is that not all women who ‘slept’ their thanks to the highest weren’t talented.

“Some of them had to travel through that because it had been their only door to open and explore their full talent.”

She said she doesn’t judge the ladies who are through this because she understands they need to have felt powerless in those situations.

Love life

Rami said she’s single. When was asked if she would think about using the dating app Tinder, she said she isn’t into online hook-ups.

On getting back to the “game,” she said: “You don’t get to date to be within the game. You don’t get to be married.”

On meeting men since her divorce, she said: “The list is endless. I’ve met many guys, I meet guys all the time. a number of them pluck up the courage and that they speak, and sometimes I just go ‘you, I want, come here’.