Priddy Ugly Gushes Over His Family

Priddy Ugly Gushes Over His Family

Popular couple Bontle and Priddy Ugly introduced baby Afrika to the planet and other people cannot stop gushing about how adorable their baby is.

The rapper took to Instagram to remind people of the importance of family and holding on to their loved ones.

Sharing an image of him and his family he also took the chance to remind them that family is vital in which people should ‘learn their genealogy and don’t be picking their roots.’
Learn your family tree & don’t be picking your roots, we are Gods & it’s written in the pigment we spew - Ha Moloi 🙏🏽🌍❤️

He and his wife recently celebrated Afrika Bonita Lerato Moloi’s 9-month milestone and being the husband that he’s saying his daughter may be a living miracle.

“Happy nine months Princess. Witnessing her growth, joy, and resilience has been so inspiring. She’s brought such a lot more meaning and purpose to life — a living miracle,” he gushed.