Priddy Ugly is accused of forging receipts he got from Drake

Priddy Ugly is accused of forging receipts he got from Drake

Priddy Ugly is either one of the foremost slept on hip-hop artists within the game, or the person is basically still trying to shake off the constant trolling he has received within the past.

Priddy Ugly is accused of forging receipts he got from Drake

this is often after the person took to social media and shook the streets such a lot that a lot of was saying that he’s lying.

This is after the rapper, father, and proud husband to dancer and all-round entertainer, Bontle Moloi, went on line and shared that he got a shoutout from Drake. Yes, the Canadian rapper- Drake. It all started on Twitter when the rapper with an easy tweet said together with his whole chest that he has received an entire shoutout from the “Hotline Bling” hitmaker.

Now we all love seeing our local acts receiving their flowers. this is often, especially when our local artists that don’t receive their flowers from home can prove that they’re international. However, the matter with Priddy Ugly’s post is that men had no receipts for the proclamation. many who took to the post simply asked where was the receipt, because once you do go onto Drake’s social media pages there’s nothing; not a story, alike, a retweet, a mention, a- You get the image. So tweeps asked that he produce it and has still served us ellipsis.

But that didn’t stop Priddy from continuing to believe that he did receive the shoutout from Drake. He believed it such a lot that he went and made a video again saying it together with his whole chest that he got some love from Drake. The video features the rapper taking note of one among his own song. And again it becomes clear that man doesn’t need a hype man because he can do all that himself. Moreover, the video should have accompanied a watch-until-the-end because to shut it off he walks out of frame laughing as he won.

This is not the primary time that Priddy Ugly has been dragged on social media. it’s not even the second time, technically speaking. the highest of the Moloi-Modiselle clan has been continually dragged on social media for his continuous uphill climb to the top.

In the past, Priddy Ugly has been labeled as Mr. Modiselle. This after a story came out that alleged that Priddy Ugly’s music career was funded by wife, Bontle. While people commended Bontle for supporting her man’s hustle, what led to him being dragged was the suggestion that Bontle wasted her money because what song of Priddy Ugly may be a classic. Moreover, there have been suggestions that Priddy Ugly is a component of the continual “upcoming gang-gang,” despite being within the game for years now.