Prince Kaybee and Donald have a strong bond that keeps them safe

Prince Kaybee and Donald have a strong bond that keeps them safe

Many friendships are formed within the show business but many hardly survive. one among our favorite ZAleb friendships includes Prince Kaybee and Donalds’ whose bromance is that the sweetest to witness.

Prince Kaybee and Donald have a strong bond that keeps them safe

They have been supporting each other’s careers and recently collaborated during a music video Hosh by Prince.

The DJ dropped Hosh a couple of months ago featuring Sir Trill after his war with Black Coffee became quite the heated exchange after Black Coffee questioned Club Controller’s celebrity status.

For the Hosh visuals, Prince Kaybee has featured in RnB singer Donald. Prince Kaybee has shared a couple of behind the scenes images of the video, which show the DJ wearing correctional service attire walking alongside men wearing prison uniforms.

Donald has featured within the DJ’s music video before in 2015 for his debut video called Better Days.

Showing his friend some love Donald tweeted, “I’ve got your back forever boi.” In response, Prince Kaybee said, “I’ve got yours, my Friend. Always.” Prince had publicly affirmed his love for Donald when he said, “Donald is MY NIGGA from day 1.”

Fans seem to believe Donald’s tweet was in response to the on-going never-ending beef with DJ Maphorisa.

“My problem with Princess he doesn’t want to offer Credit to the youngsters. we’d like to grow them n make them feel special, especially when u take something from them. the rationale why I even have a robust team, I confirm we win together n credit them well. Fuck my English as long u get my point,” Phiri said.

Prince responded with proof that he does indeed credit artists by posting a screenshot where he credited an artist.

“Listen I’m PROUD. 3 of the #ProjectHope ladies bagged their first gig, the album isn’t even out yet. Babies are working at the humanities Alive Fest TODAY. Please help me congratulate them,” Prince added.
Prince Kaybee and Donald have a strong bond that keeps them safe
It is not a shocker how Maphorisa scrutinizes everything Prince does and him performing on an Amapiano track didn’t help either. Phori wasn’t really impressed by Prince Kaybee and his treatment of artists who work on his songs. However he paid a compliment, or in his own special way, shade Prince Kaybee for finally joining the Amapiano craze. This came as a surprise to several, especially after the comments that Prince Kaybee made about Ampaiano back in June.

“Imagine an album that has an equivalent beat throughout, literally every song sounds an equivalent. Try making an album over an extended period of your time to avoid sounding an equivalent, the mind must rest for brand spanking new ideas,” wrote the Hosh hitmaker.