Prince Kaybee defends Kenyan from the racists


Prince Kaybee defends Kenyan from the racists

Award-winning music producer Prince Kaybee isn’t here for the disrespect towards fellow Africans. Prince has hit back at a xenophobe who discredited a Kenyan musician simply because of her nationality.

Prince Kaybee defends Kenyan from the racists

It is no secret that the country features a bad name when it involves accepting Africans from their respective countries and has dominated headlines for that reason.

Kaybee has dedicated some of his time to seek out and uplift new talent but it seems as if he features a bigger picture as he’s looking to figure with musicians outside of the country.

The master behind the Project Hope album recently shared a possible song that features Kenyan singer Pauline “Polaris” Wendo. He said he shared a beat on social media and was thoroughly surprised when that very same beat had added vocals from Pauline.

“A month ago I uploaded a video making a beat, today a Kenyan lady uploaded an equivalent beat but together with her vocals on. I’m BLOWN AWAY, she just bagged a feature with me. Let’s fly her up,” he wrote.

A troll who wanted to reign on the singer’s parade ridiculed her for bagging a song with Prince. “Your brain got suffering from the overwhelming blonde color you’ve got on your head. ‘Begged’ and ‘bagged’ are two various things .”

Recently rappers Cassper Nyovest and Nasty C both got called out once they lent their voices towards the #EndSARS movement which has gained momentum, grabbing the interest of people around the world. They were also called out for not having equivalent energy when it involves local causes.

Just to color the image, Nigeria is currently browsing political unrest as citizens of the country are currently protesting against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

So when Nasty C attempted to use his platform to bring light to the matter and show solidarity for the people of Nigeria, South Africans weren’t having it. The ridicule was especially propagated by the social media led movement of the #PutSouthAfricansFirst movement. this is often a movement created by folks that are posing for the country to prioritize South Africans.
Prince Kaybee defends Kenyan from the racists
“Did you are doing a full inspec on my Twitter? does one know for an incontrovertible fact that I “go silent when it involves my own”? NO YOU DONT, so get the fuck off my nuts,” he responded

The sentiments are made at the rear of suggestions the illegal and legal immigrants that sleep in South Africa are “taking over,” with South Africans being sidelined for economic and employment opportunities.