Prince Kaybee directs TNS to work most suitable for him

Prince Kaybee directs TNS to work most suitable for him

TNS has engaged during a back and forth with a tweep which resulted in some insults thrown, however, the young DJ has gained an enormous brother in Prince Kaybee who advised him to let it and specialize in the music.

Prince Kaybee directs TNS to work most suitable for him

Prince Kaybee advised TNS to specialize in what he does best which is music, and to not give out an excessive amount of his energy engaging with Twitter trolls. The Hosh hitmaker reckons that he doesn’t want TNS’s music to be tainted to the purpose where being a troll is now his brand and called ‘arrogant’, as Prince Kaybee has been labeled.

Reacting to a now-deleted tweet, Prince commented; “TNS specializes in the music, I don’t want your brand to be like mine, this is often Twitter so folks that speak their mind aren’t welcome and that they are called arrogant. I can take the warmth but I don’t think its good for you. I really like YOU.”

The award-winning producer has been called talentless and only relies on features also as the drama surrounding beef to remain relevant. He has even labeled a parasite, except for the sake of peace, he ignored the hate and easily agreed.

“To be honest you are a parasite. Why can’t you create a song without featuring that house & Mercedes of yours… You’re what you’re due to TNS, I’m Just telling (you) the reality,” the Twitter user said.

Kaybee responded with some subtle shade and said, “I read and fully accept as true with what’s on your mind.”

The two were said to possess been beefing even after Prince Kaybee apologized. TNS posted a video on Instagram to point out fans that there’s not any hostility between the 2 hit-makers. He even mentioned TNS as a family!

As often as you’ll imagine, Prince’s words have always been used against him so as to pin him against certain celebrities. When he merely suggested that he’s the simplest his words were used against him to pit DJ Black Coffee and him.
Prince Kaybee directs TNS to work most suitable for him
Tweeps made it seem as if Prince suggested that he was “bigger” than Black Coffee, but people wouldn’t admit that fact.

Black Coffee mixed a back and forth with Prince Kaybee over his allegations, instead, he shaded him. The DJ simply posted within the comments section of the post screenshots of the number of streams that Black Coffee has on Spotify, comparing them to Prince Kaybee’s numbers on the platform.

Prince has since deleted the tweet but social media always keeps receipts.