Prince Kaybee joining the political delegation is not a good thing


Prince Kaybee joining the political delegation is not a good thing

Prince Kaybee every now then manages to surprise his fan base by either dropping pearls of wisdom, or when he forgets about his media persona and is simply himself on social media.

Prince Kaybee joining the political delegation is not a good thing

However, his recent tweet surprised us the foremost because the “Yehla Moya,” hitmaker shared his politics.

This past week for all our non-political ZAlebs has been racially charged politically speaking. every week ago a highschool in South Africa’s own little country of the Western Cape, Brackenfell highschool to specific; thought it might be an honest idea to host a whites-only matric dance. Yes, in 2020, there are still racist acts like that that also occur. Mind you, Brackenfell highschool on paper may be a multi-racial lyceum.

After news of the whites-only matric dance that excluded students of the color at the varsity, our favorite red motif party the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) decided to urge involved. the primary strike action was meant to be peaceful, but racist whites being racist whites turned violent knowing that there’ll be no repercussions for his or her actions. Well, from the SAPS a minimum of.

But this past Friday, the EFF returned to Brackenfell highschool in their numbers. Considering that this was a return to the scene of the initial crime, it seemed that both the EFF and therefore the community of Brackenfell were ready for round two. and therefore the streets of Brackenfell were lit because the two opposing camps, with the SAPS as “mediators,” took it to the streets- literally.

While many of our faves wouldn’t care to comment or maybe acknowledge what happened; Prince Kaybee appeared to have wanted to feature his two cents. And one thing about Prince Kaybee is that when he’s set his mind, nobody will stop him. First, he allows us to know that we, as black people, shouldn’t be afraid to confront racism. Especially, considering that it’s 2020. While the SAPS won’t defend or protect you an equivalent way they might our differently colored counterparts, that doesn’t mean don’t get up for what’s right.

When his fans attempted to offer him kudos for having spoken up about things, Prince Kaybee was the voice of humility. The “Project Hope” creator went as far as quoting during an ll|one amongst|one in every of”> one among his weaker lines when embroiled in a social media war. Prince Kaybee stated that he’s not a star when a lover thanked him for not being afraid to use his platform as a star to spotlight the continued injustices in South Ah. We are so happy as locals to think that it only happens within the extreme in countries just like us until we are shown that even in South Ah, things are still bad 26 years into the rainbow nation.