Questions about Lasizwe’s new sweetheart

Questions about Lasizwe’s new sweetheart

Lasizwe seems to possess set his sight a replacement crush, and again tweeps have tried in their numbers to warn that the baby boy that this may end in tears. Like how it ended with “Skeem Saam” actor, Cedric Fourie.

Questions about Lasizwe's new sweetheart

For the past week if you’ve got been following the truth star’s Instagram the baby boy allow us to in on who he’s currently crushing. It started with Lasizwe using his Instagram stories to showcase that he’s currently crushing hard on American rapper, DaBaby. Lasizwe has gone as far as downloading the rapper’s stories and sharing them on his stories. Moreover, he had been playing the rapper’s catalog like hell.

His crush goes so deep that in his latest post, went as far as attempting to emulate an equivalent style as his crush. Well, the maximum amount as he could. The post reveals Lasizwe accessorizing his sports-luxe look with a two-chain situation, within the style that has become synonymous with the DaBaby. Even in his story, he went as far as letting us know that that that was what inspired the design. And it seems that reception he got on Instagram gave him enough courage to venture into revealing his crush on Twitter.

On Twitter, he posted images of himself on a quad bike. Lasizwe and his siblings have spent the day together quad biking sharing the experience through his Instagram stories. But the pictures he posted from the session were captioned with, “DaBaby’s future baby.” A bold statement that was intentionally meant to shake the table considering that when he posted the images on Instagram, the caption read, “John Vuli iGate.”

Suffice to mention that tweeps swarmed the post to inform baby boy to prevent the dreams and specialize in the attainable. One comment went as far as suggesting that an equivalent man that Lasizwe is crushing on and giving some shine on his timeline doesn’t like folks that are a part of the alphabet soup. Now, that can’t be proven, on the contrary, not say that he’s but DaBaby has been embracing of his fans despite their sexual orientations.

But another matter that tweeps couldn’t recover from with the pictures was the matter of Lasizwe’s shoe size. quite a couple of tweeps commented on the shoe size, and a few went as far as commenting on the particular foot. The weird thing about most of the comments about Lasizwe’s shoe size is that the majority of the comments come from male tweeps. Which begs the question, why the fascination a few man’s shoe size from other men?