Rami Chuene prays for corruption to end

Rami Chuene prays for corruption to end

South Africa is abuzz with the Hawks after they arrested file Mabote’s bae Edwin Sodi for using the taxpayer’s money to steer a lavish lifestyle which incorporates 25 luxury cars.
Rami Chuene prays for corruption to end

Well, after seeing that Rami Chuene feels the hand of the Hawks is required within the show business also.

“As soon as Hawks are through with politics they need to come to the mighty, unstoppable, and greedy entertainment ‘gods’.” Tweeted Rami Chuene. “The corruption, greed, and exploitation have built many mansions and purchased many cars leaving many artists broke since the times of Bophelo ke Semphekgo.”

A follower called her out on what she described as the SASSA mentality.

“You can just start your own production company/ business if you would like mansions & cars. The SASSA mentality is everywhere in South Africa and that is why we aren’t making progress as black people. Start your own and implement what you’re preaching.”

Many followers felt like she was sending Subliminals to her former bosses with Fergusons who she accused of exploiting her and not paying her enough.

“The show business is large guys. I can’t be talking about the industry and you think that I’m talking about one show/production. I’m way bigger than that. Yes, I am. You’re thinking one grain and I’m talking about the entire farm.”