Rich Mnisi states that in order to be successful, man must not listen to criticism

Rich Mnisi states that in order to be successful, man must not listen to criticism

I think I found out why the worth of Rich Mnisi’s luxury garments gets most folks in our feels …

Rich Mnisi states that in order to be successful, man must not listen to criticism

and while the explanations are sound, I’m also here to inform you that being broke maybe a “you” problem and definitely not something Rich Mnisi should dim his light for.

Never one to keep faraway from trailblazing, locally-born dressmaker Rich left Mzansi shook on Monday after he released his latest range, Hiya Kaya, with pieces worth up to a whopping R60k!

The new range features clothing in his signature “Rich Mnisi” style but the item that got tongues wagging the foremost was a standard Tsonga xibelani skirt, which can cause worth R59,999 worth of injury to your checking account.

While the entire net was up in arms and Rich’s army was neck-deep in defense mode, the internationally-acclaimed dressmaker and his unapologetic self blue-ticked the commotion.

Here’s the thing, this is not the primary time Rich’s prices set the TL alight. His range of masks cost R2k and he features an R32k bag, so this is often obviously his MO. While he hasn’t explicitly said so, the designer’s motto seems to be “if you are not the target market, keep it moving”.

Rich decided to adopt the road “know your worth then add tax” and never looked back.

If his designs are anything to travel by — as an artist and a businessman — Rich is certainly arrogant. However, he has the talent, confidence, and money to back his cockiness up so there’s that too!

So, for everything that Rich has built his brand to be, I figure he deserves to push the envelope as far as he can take it, be it in art or price. The guy didn’t just awaken and begin putting “crazy” prices on his garments for fun, he’s been building his brand for years.

From what I hear … (yes, what I hear because I’m not Rich Minisi’s target market either and thus don’t own one item of his past or present collections) Rich has paid his dues. within the words of DJ Black Coffee, his items are “worth every cent”.

The Instagram page of “Sandton Diamond Walk” also says his clothes are of great quality which he pays attention to every detail of his glorious luxury clothes. Rich’s target market sings his praises and wears his items with loud pride. That, speaks to the type of brand name he’s built and that I agree that if you’ll afford it, you ought to pip out and rock it!

Rich Mnisi states that in order to be successful, man must not listen to criticism

Now for the remainder folks … R60k is completely ridiculous for a xibelani.

For most people — bar Sho Madjozi — we only wear the garment for special occasions or for Heritage Day on September 24 anyway.

No matter how “broke me” looks at it, there is no way I might ever be ready to justify buying a xibelani for the quantity of cash that buys a second-hand Toyota Tazz with a minimum of dignified seat covers.

Right now with the addition of the Covid-19 global pandemic to our already long list of monetary woes — like black tax, unbelievably high cost of living prices, ridiculously low salaries then on — all most folks can do is put virtual candles on the TL and manifest the day we will actually buy an upscale Mnisi item without guilt.

Until we belong within the tax brackets of individuals that buy Rich Mnisi’s garments, we’ve to only choose alternatives. Let me plug you and say you’ll get a top-quality, good looking, and functional xibelani in Giyani for a cool R5k, even less if you’re respectful and an excellent negotiator.

It won’t be RICH MNISI but it’ll do the work.

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