Rihanna talks about her volatile relationship with Chris Brown

Rihanna talks about her volatile relationship with Chris Brown

Rihanna talks about her volatile relationship with Chris Brown

Rihanna says she and Chris Brown are “now very close friends” and still “love each other”. The pair were one among the most well-liked couples within the world until the ‘Umbrella’ singer ended the connection in February 2009 after Chris physically assaulted her on the night of the Grammy Awards leaving her requiring hospital treatment.

The R&B star pleaded guilty to a felony assault and accepted a plea deal of community labour, five years of probation, and violence counselling.

The pair briefly rekindled their romance in 2013 before splitting again, Rihanna, 32 has opened about the status of their relationship now, revealing that they need a robust friendship in which he remains the love of her life.

During an appearance on ‘Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul Conversations’ podcast, she said: “We’ve been performing on our friendship again. Now we’re very very close friends. We’ve built up trust again, and that’s – we love one another and that we probably always will. And that’s not something we’re ever getting to change. That’s not something you’ll shut off if you’ve ever been crazy.

“I think he was the love of my life. He was the primary love. and that I see that he loved me an equivalent way … it’s not even about us being together. I actually love him. therefore the main thing on behalf of me is that he’s asleep. I’m not asleep if he’s a touch unhappy, or he’s still lonely.”

Despite revealing their deep feelings for each other, Rihanna doesn’t believe that she and Chris, 31, will ever rekindle their romance, especially as he’s happy in his relationship with Ammika Harris, the mother of his son Aeko Catori Brown.

She added: “He’s during a relationship of his own. I’m single but we’ve maintained really close friends ever since the restraining order has been dropped. We’ve just worked thereon, little by little, and it’s not been easy. It’s tough .”

The ‘Diamonds’ singer told Oprah, 66, that it had been the repairing of her damaged relationship together with her father Ronald Fenty that led to her fully forgiving Chris for his actions.
Rihanna talks about her volatile relationship with Chris Brown

She shared: “I repaired my relationship with my dad. I used to be so angry with him, and that I was just angry a few lots of things from my childhood and that I couldn’t separate him as a husband from him as a father.

“I thought I hated Chris and that I realized it had been love was tarnished. It seemed like hate because it had been ugly, angry, it had been inflamed, it had been tainted. and that I realized that what it had been being I had to forgive him because I cared about him still. and therefore the minute I abandoned that, I started living again.”

Rihanna also told Oprah that within the aftermath of Chris’ attack on her and subsequent arrest she was more worried about the effect the incident was getting to wear him and his career than her own wellbeing.

She added: “I was hurt most, nobody felt what I felt. It happened to me … I felt protective. I felt the sole person they hate immediately is him. it had been a weird confusing space to be in because as angry as I used to be, and hurt and betrayed, I felt like he made that mistake because he needed help, and who’s getting to help him?

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