Robert Mpisi ‘Lindokuhle’ talks about the things he adores about his character in #Gomora

Robert Mpisi ‘Lindokuhle’ talks about the things he adores about his character in #Gomora

Gomora has managed to capture South Africa’s attention with its mixture of rising stars and renowned actors. The telenovela was captivating from the primary episode, leaving viewers wanting more during their production break.

Teddy and Mazet are a number of the viewer’s favorites bringing both humor and danger to the show. Another character that has become prominent is Lindokuhle “London” Mabitsela who is played by Robert Mpisi.

London may be a troublemaker who has managed to urge Gomora High’s principal and community favorite, Melusi (Zolisa Xaluva), fired. He was highly influenced by deputy principal Ngoveni (Kabelo Ngakane). He’s a touch older than his peers and in the real world, he’s also older than his character.

DRUM spoke to Robert to find out more about him and a few of the roles he’s played.
Robert Mpisi ‘Lindokuhle’ talks about the things he adores about his character in #Gomora

“I knew that I wanted to be an actor since the age of 14. once I was 15, in 2002, I used to sew a drama series that was on SABC 1 called Tsha Tsha and that I knew that this is often what I wanted to try to to. After matric I obtained a BA degree in live performance,” the Eastern Cape-born actor says.

Robert Mpisi

Robert’s life hasn’t changed much during the lockdown. He says it’s been “pretty normal” as that they had to travel back to figure straight after we reached level 4 of lockdown. “I think we all had some plans at the start of the year but with everything happening within the world, we had to place them on hold.”

The actor is currently focused on his role in Gomora. London has upset tons of individuals both on and off the show. We need to determine a touch more about how Robert got the role and what he likes the foremost about his character.

“I commit it to memory was every week into lockdown and that I received a call from the casting director of the show informing me that the producers were looking to cast me to play London. As they assert, the remainder is history.

“I love London’s boldness; i like that about him. He also features a very soft and vulnerable side to him. I mean, he’s human in any case , so he’s not all bad. he’s just misunderstood”, the 33-year-old said.
Robert Mpisi ‘Lindokuhle’ talks about the things he adores about his character in #Gomora
Having played roles in popular TV dramas like Soul City, Isidingo and therefore the Queen, the actor says he doesn’t necessarily have a favorite role. “I are very fortunate to possess played numerous different characters and with all , I learn such a lot . I also see how far I can push myself as an actor,” he says.

Robert Mpisi 3

Though he knows the way to captivate an audience on screen, Robert is surprisingly shy in real world . Another interesting fact about the actor is that he’s also a singer and spends tons of his time to doing voice-overs.

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