Rosemary Zimu surprises her fans with her great voice and potential for singing

Rosemary Zimu surprises her fans with her great voice and potential for singing

It’s a Sunday and what better thanks to praising the person upstairs than dedicating an entire song to him.

Rosemary Zimu surprises her fans with her great voice and potential for singing

Actress Rosemary Zimu in her latest post proved that she isn’t just a 1 trick pony, and showed off her singing ability. we’ve to offer it to daughter because she has some pipes on her we must say.

Taking to Instagram, Zimu didn’t recoil from letting her voice rain on us in her very own rendition of ‘throwback hit song Rain Down’ by SWV (Sisters With Voices) with a twist and she or he nailed it.

Zimu’s followers were also quite shaken that the actress features a voice on her and advised her to think about a career in music.

Rosemary has appeared no many television drama’s and is taken into account as one of the favourites when it involves on screen beauties.

The 27-year-old actress, who is born and bred within the Vaal has previously shared that her love for acting began at a young during Sunday school. This then led to Zimu eager to be within the industry full time as an adult.

Since she set foot into the industry five years ago, the actress has hit the bottom running and has starred in award winning soapies like Generations: The Legacy, Scandal, and therefore the likes.

The actress has always had superstar quality running through her veins as she has family who also is documented within the industry like the late gospel artist Neyi Zimu, who is her uncle and who she credits as her guide to finding her way within the dog-eat-dog world of entertainment.

Before the gospel artist passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer death, consistent with the actress her uncle has taught her some very valuable lessons that have helped her keep A level head in her rise to stardom.

The media industry isn’t one to trust when it involves financial stability which is why the actress has made some boss babe moves by venturing into the style world. Rosemary also showed her business orientated side together with her recently launched eyewear range named RZ Eyewear, and she or he took to Instagram to share how proud she is of her own boss lady moves.

“It was all a dream! God helped me make it a reality. I thank Him all the times of my life and that I thank every single person who had a hand within the growth of this dream” Rosemary wrote.

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