SABC warns Uzalo for the last time that her business is no longer tolerable

SABC warns Uzalo for the last time that her business is no longer tolerable

The people’s cries have finally been heard and therefore the national broadcaster SABC is allegedly taking extreme measures to rectify things.

SABC warns Uzalo for the last time that her business is no longer tolerable

SABC 1’s Uzalo is skating on thin ice with the broadcaster after losing quite 2.6 million viewers during a short space of your time. On social media, viewers’ complaints about the poor storyline have been falling on deaf ears but now, the SABC is taking steps to unravel the matter.

Sunday World is reporting that the SABC instructed Uzalo’s team to travel back to the drafting board and are available with a more interesting storyline or face getting the chop. Their dwindling viewership came as a shock to the highest management of the SABC, as Uzalo is understood because of the most viewed telenovela within the country after breaking their own record in April once they achieved a shocking 11.4 million viewers.

According to the publication, last month Uzalo’s viewership dropped dramatically to a really low 8.8 million viewers. These figures were taken from the printed Research Council of South Africa.

In a bid to save lots of the telenovela, SABC has put the drama series on ‘notice’ and told glass Productions, to vary their storyline and be more creative. Another shocker is that the actors on the show are reportedly getting paid very low salaries.

SABC believes there’s an immediate correlation between the low salaries and therefore the poor performance by the actors. An executive from the SABC told Sunday World that rather than taking drastic measures of canning the telenovela, they’re going to attempt to remedy things.

“Yes, there are issues with Uzalo due to its dwindling numbers and therefore the complaints we received from viewers who said the storyline was now boring. We urged the producers to return up with creative storylines to rescue the soapie because it had been important to the SABC. Another thing we emphasized was that actors got to be paid decent salaries for his or her work,” said the chief to the publication.

Apparently, the actors are worried about the longer term of the telenovela and their jobs but the producers assured them that they’re going to not be jobless. “We are aware that actors are panicking, thinking that they’re close to losing their jobs, but the SABC wants a robust Uzalo that’s ready to retain its top spot with creative and topical storylines,” a member told the publication.

“In fact, all we did was to ask that they be remunerated well for his or her actions because we learned that some actors were paid next to zilch while their characters had grown to be loved by the viewers,“ they added.

Just last week, Rhythm City viewers were shocked to find out that their favorite drama series are going to be coming to an end. consistent with the channel, decommissioning the soapie is only a business decision and a part of a greater business strategy.

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