Sensation from Twitter about Hulisani and pysfo after marrying another

Sensation from Twitter about Hulisani and pysfo after marrying another

Earlier today, we announced that former YO.TV presenter and Generations actor Sipho Ngwenya popularly referred to as Psyfo got married to his partner Amira of quite three years this past weekend and, rather than congratulating the newlyweds, some tweeps saw it as a chance to usher in Pysfo’s ex Hulisani.

Sensation from Twitter about Hulisani and pysfo after marrying another

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Physio and Hulisani were affectionately loved by fans who’ve followed them since their yo. tv days. the very fact that Ngwenya and his wife dated for just over three years before they became husband and wife doesn’t sit well with some Tweeps as they believe he wasted Ravele’s time during their 10-year relationship.

Hulisani, however, doesn’t desire his ex to waste her time. She addressed this during an interview with Mac G last year.

‘Don’t you are feeling like he wasted 10 years of your time?” asked Mac G. “No, what is the waste?” replied Cici. “Here’s the matter, once you set your benchmark and goal as marriage, kids, and a house, you’re not enjoying what it’s immediately. and that I find that for therefore many folks because the goal isn’t at a relationship level, even as relations to at least one another as humans. It’s an until I even have a hoop thereon, it isn’t real. So what are you doing? At the top of the day on behalf of, a wedding may be a relationship that just features a certificate attached thereto .” She said.

Hulisani has not entertained the drama and seems to be in eudemon. This morning she showed gratitude for this beautiful day through a tweet.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of a replacement day, the gift of latest joy, the gift of having the ability to pursue the dreams you’ve got planted within me.

Meanwhile, Pysfo and his wife Amirah are over the moon following their marriage.

“Good people 🙃 This past Saturday (21/11/2020), was the foremost beautiful day of my life. I got married to my ally on top of a mountain, in my home province, and that I don’t have all the words to precise how happy and crazy I’m with this man who has been so committed and constant to me. I even have many interesting and funny stories to share about our big day. Overall, I can’t believe we did it mate.” Wrote Amirah.

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