Shauwn Mkhize: talk about the importance of moral cooperation

Shauwn Mkhize: talk about the importance of moral cooperation

Shawn Mkhize has begun to declare that she has found herself again also as her voice, adding that she chooses her serenity and her peace over the fabric things that she possesses.

Shauwn Mkhize: talk about the importance of moral cooperation

The wealthy businesswoman and reality television star have taken to social media to send a sincere and profound message to her fans, talking about her journey to self-discovery.

The mogul is notorious for sharing a couple of pictures of herself alongside inspiring captions and this point was no different. She has revealed that her journey has been very long and difficult but she has finally found her peace, but like others may need not assumed, it’s material things that make her happy.

“Day 188 of lockdown 672k confirmed cases 604k recoveries and 16 586 death. Today I would like to share something very profound with you …it has been an extended and really hard journey on behalf of me I’m so grateful to GOD that today I can safely say…I HAVE FOUND MY VOICE AND MYSELF and this has liberated me to know that material things can never offer you PEACE AND SERENITY I can tell you today I select myself than material things have a blessed day you’re loved by me,” she wrote.

Her comments section was crammed with fans appreciating her and her rawness saying that Mam’Mkhize may be a model.

“Ngikuthanda ukufa sithandwa Sami (I love you to death my love) you actually bring back some vibe in my life and creating hope where it’s diminished Babes keep it up. you’re dearly loved by many May our Good God still blessed girl Stay crazy and vibrant U are just a burning candle that never stops,” one fan wrote.

The KwaMam’Mkhize reality star features a lot to be grateful for during this year alone. She and her son Andile Mpisane bagged themselves nominations at the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards.

Their popular Mzansi Magic show ‘Kwa Mam’Mkhize’ was nominated within the Best Reality television program category and Andile has been nominated within the Best New Independent African Artists and Best New Male Independent African Music Video categories.

The HAPAwards is a gift show that celebrates outstanding individuals who have reached milestones and achieved extraordinary things.
Shauwn Mkhize: talk about the importance of moral cooperation
Mkhize speaking on their nominations said: “I’ve led a really private life. it had been an extended road to urge me here. I made a decision to try to do this show because the media had long spoken for us. We wanted people to ascertain us as we are. That was the initial plan but I enjoyed how people skilled me and my family. The love is overwhelming, I still can’t believe it myself.”

Her divorce was finalized this year together with her estranged husband Sbu Mpisane and she or he then decided to try to to the truth show.