Shauwn Mkhize talks about forcing her to pay 204 million rand

Shauwn Mkhize talks about forcing her to pay 204 million rand

Things are beginning to get tense there by the Mpisane/Mkhize mansion, it seems the soft life has finally trapped with the rich businesswoman and television personality.

Shauwn Mkhize talks about forcing her to pay 204 million rand

regardless of how rich and powerful you’re, the South African Revenue Services aren’t to be messed with.

According to a Tweep, the long-standing battle between SARS and Shawn Mkhize’s company Zikhulise Cleaning Maintenance & Transport was heard at the Pretoria supreme court, where a final liquidation order against the corporate. the appliance was brought by the SA Revenue Service for outstanding debts totaling about R204m, Mkhize had repeatedly stated that Sars was biased and acted in bad faith by declining to enter into a credit arrangement but the court dismissed that claim.

“JUST IN: The North Gauteng supreme court has ruled in favour of SARS and granted the taxman a final order to liquidate Shawn Mkhize’s company, Zikhulise Cleaning Maintenance, and Transport Services, so as to recoup the debt.
Zikhulise owes SARS R204 million in outstanding taxes.”

SARS Commissioner, Edward Kieswetter welcomed the judgment and expressed SARS’ commitment to enforcing compliance against taxpayers who abuse the legal process so as to undertake and avoid their obligations.

“Sars will act within the law and can pursue without worrying or favor any taxpayer who is bent evading their legal obligations,”

Kieswetter was appalled that taxpayers…
Shauwn Mkhize talks about forcing her to pay 204 million rand
“would through their carefully calibrated actions, seek to deprive poor and vulnerable South Africans who depend upon state-funded social grants by not paying their taxes. This victory must send a transparent and unambiguous message to all or any citizens that Sars will make it costly and hard for taxpayers who choose the trail of non-compliance.”

Mam’Mkhize is popularly known for her hit reality television program – Kwa Mam’Mkhize which was one of the most important hits with South African viewers since its debut on DSTV channel Mzansi Magic. The show looks into the chronicles of the Mkhize/Mpisane family, also as those closest to them. Shawn Mkhize is that the main star of the show, however, her enviable life is crammed with other important characters like her son, Andile Mpisane, and famous stepdaughter, Sbahle Mpisane. the truth show set a replacement record of 1.7 million views and was leading not only on reality shows but including dramas also.

Speaking about the show, she has said;

“I’ve led a really private life. it had been an extended road to urge me here. I made a decision to try to to this show because the media had long spoken for us.

“We wanted people to ascertain us as we are.

“That was the initial plan but I enjoyed how people skilled me and my family. The love is overwhelming, I still can’t believe it myself”

Could this be a serious blow to her lavish and lavish lifestyle, does one think she is going to survive this knock?