Should Kabza really rest? Maphorisa informs Kabza To Rest!

Should Kabza really rest? Maphorisa informs Kabza To Rest!

The king of the Amapiano genre Kabza Da Small, maybe a slave of note. Ever since he burst onto the music scene, the DJ has been releasing hits and his energy is unmatched.
Should Kabza really rest? Maphorisa informs Kabza To Rest!

For the longest time fans have always suspected that DJ Maphorisa was overworking him. This follows after Kabza posted a promotional video last year, encouraging the masses to get tickets for the Portland Neon Party, where they were getting to release their new album.

Fans shaded Maphorisa and said he’s the rationale Kabza doesn’t rest and appearance exhausted, but chatting with TshisaLive, Kabza rubbished the claims. “Exhaustion is certainly a false claim. I’m more alive and happy than I’ve ever been in my career.”

Maphorisa also denied claims that he’s exploiting him “Haters want it down on platforms. Guys are jealous [of me] saying i’m using Kabza. Why all this hate while everyone loves this project? Since Kabza started working with me has he ever missed a gig? So we do not deserve it,” he tweeted.

Recently DJ Maphorisa told the DJ to rest. This follows after Kabza asked if he should release another project or he should wait.

Replying to his tweet Maphorisa sarcastically said “Rest rest rest rest mfowethu,” amid laugh emojis.

The two are keeping many on their feet with their hits and everything they touch into turns gold.

Kabza has said before that he wont apologizes for working hard. The DJ said this on Instagram to his fans “I won’t be apologetic for working hard and for achieving what I’ve achieved. I never said I used to be better than anyone. I never lowered anyone for doing his best within the game.”

“Through the diligence, I’ve put in numerous years and I’m finally enjoying the fruits of success. People will always talk about whether you are doing good and bad. Just don’t lose focus,” he advised.

Kabza recently dropped his much-anticipated album, I’m the king of amapiano: Sweet & Dust,

The album has 27 tracks and it’s left many in awe. The DJ recently bagged a prestigious award at the 16th annual Sunday Times Gen Next Awards Kabza for being the good Local DJ.

This is proof that he has his eyes assail the larger picture and resting comes at his own time