Simphiwe Dana finally finds her true love

Simphiwe Dana finally finds her true love

Musician Simphiwe Dana has revealed that she is a component of the LGBTQI family, as a lesbian. during a few tweets, she came bent the planet declaring that she is crazy with a lady and is set for marriage.

Simphiwe Dana finally finds her true love

The Bamako hitmaker amazed a legion of her fans when she revealed that she may be a lesbian which she has been keeping this a secret for much too long. “I’ve been holding this in since forever. I’m gay,” she revealed.

Aware of the stigma that also plagues the African community, she tweeted that she is aware that she might get blocked. After tons of thinking, she finally realized that she is far happier with the key out.

“I know the beginning means Africa will block me. But, after tons of thinking, I’m comfortable with it. I’m marrying a lady, and I’ve never been happier,” she said, revealing the lady who has captured her heart.

Earlier this year Generations: The Legacy actress Letoya Makhene also came out as a lesbian and revealed her lover. After months of dating she and her lover Lebohang Keswa finally got engaged.

After pictures of the 2 all loved-up circulated on social media, and a well-known publication revealed their secret, Letoya confirmed the news on her Twitter saying, “Well, it had been only a matter of your time before the planet acknowledged about us @LebohangKeswa. Here’s to our beautiful future together, my love.”

As much as she is fighting off the haters her father is standing by her and her new love. Her famous dad Blondie Makhene has already blessed their relationship and has welcomed Lebo to the family.

In an interview with Sunday World, the actress and sangoma said she had been scared of how her father would react to the news that she was dating another woman.
Simphiwe Dana finally finds her true love
“My biggest fear was telling my dad and my children that mommy is crazy with a lady. I used to be scared of hurting them,”

Clearly, she shouldn’t are bothered because her dad is happy either way. during a sweet but lengthy Instagram post, Letoya thanks her dad for his blessing, and therefore the three are often seen hugging it out.

Another couple that got engaged is former Uzalo actor Khaya Dladla who said yes when Mercutio Buthelezi asked for his hand in marriage.

Announcing the news, Khaya said, “So he proposed and that I SAID YES,” as he showed off the flashy ring. Buthelezi also shared his excitement as he became a betrothed man, “Our moment has finally arrived and his official mine.”

Khaya Dladla revealed that his engagement was a surprise with friends attending. Unbeknownst to him, he didn’t know Mercutio was getting to propose, he just thought it had been a standard party. Even their guests were informed.

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