Simphiwe Ngema explains business instructions

Simphiwe Ngema explains business instructions

Simphiwe Ngema explains business instructions

Whilst COVID-19 has changed the way business is being done, many entrepreneurs and business owners are turning to technology for brand spanking new opportunities.

Actress Simphiwe Ngema says that one of the good things about technology is that it’s made it possible for entrepreneurs to access information, customers, and potential investors without having to go away from their homes.

The founding father of EternalCrush and a Gold Series Perfumes Brand Ambassador has shared her recommendations on how during these unsettling times, she has continued to grow her business.

‘It’s my experience that a top-quality product or service paired with a healthy dose of determination can go an extended thanks to ensuring business success. The lockdown doesn’t need to mean the top of a dream, ambition, or business idea, in fact, it could lead on to several opportunities.” says Simz.

Here are Simz tips for growing a business from home:

1. Increase your online presence

It is important to form it easy for your customers to succeed in you, whether it’s on social media or via your website.

Increasing your online presence creates new opportunities for your business and can assist you to leverage more exposure on social media. As an entrepreneur, your customers are your main source of income, consciously engaging, and communicating with them consistently will help drive sales and traffic to your website.

2. Be a part of an ecosystem

It is often said that it takes an ecosystem to make a successful start-up. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to recognize the necessity to attach, collaborate, and exchange ideas with other like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs.
Simphiwe Ngema explains business instructions

Ecosystems aren’t just communities during which to network, but also to find out from the mistakes of others, gain great referrals, also as you, gain a network that will assist you to pick yourself abreast of the hard days. Look out for relevant groups on Facebook, or join an area co-working space to spend time in once it’s safe (for the instant, you would possibly enjoy a virtual membership).

“I also make sure that I show up and participate in industry events to assist grow my business and other businesses that I support like Gold Series”.

3. Time management

Time management is important! nobody is productive 24/7. put aside time to figure on your personal development and learning opportunities, and time to figure on your business.

As an entrepreneur, you would like to seek out a routine or time management software which will assist you to increase your productivity and track and measure your efforts and activities. It’s also important to line boundaries in order that your work starts and ends at certain times, leaving weekends and evenings liberal to spend with family and friends.