Simz Ngema opens the new year with a new love and a new baby

Simz Ngema opens the new year with a new love and a new baby

After suffering heartbreak at the death of her husband Dumi Masilela in 2017, actress Simz Ngema found love and happiness in 2020.
Simz Ngema opens the new year with a new love and a new baby

The nation watched as Simz was made a widow after a botched hijacking took Dumi’s life, and offered their support as she grieved publicly.

So it had been with some surprise that she announced in August that not only had she found love again, with actor Tino Chinyani, but she was expecting her first child.

“Indeed there’s a God in heaven. He wiped away my tears and gave me joy in abundance. You’ve brought hope and purpose to my life. Tino, I will be able to forever be grateful to you for this beautiful gift and for teaching me the way to love again. I really like you both with all my heart,” she wrote.

The announcement split social media, with some claiming that Simz had moved on “too soon”. Tino hit back in the least the hate, saying: “They’ll never block my blessings. It’s sent from above.”

Tino also shared a number of the messages he sent when he took his shot in Simz’s DMs

The couple kept serving loved-up snaps and moments on the TL, just like the time that they had a romantic birthday getaway, of the lovable love notes they left for every other on social media.

Simz was in bliss and was over the moon when she announced in September that her little prince had actually arrived a couple of months earlier.

“On the 23rd of June 2020 we gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy, Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani,” Simz said before introducing the couple’s latest venture, a tracksuit, gym wear, and jewelry range called Tiyani Afrika.

Simz went on to share her journey to getting back in shape after parturition , telling fans that she is giving herself a year to completely recover.

“I’m giving myself a year. Ang’funi pressure, please! Baking an entire person may be a big deal and I’ve learned to be kind to myself. you’ll miss me with the pressures of ‘snap back’ ngi right, shame,” she wrote.

And baby daddy Tino was right there, able to offer his unwavering support.

“That’s my baby. you recognize I got you once you ready for your personal trainer. Let’s catch on,” he said.

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