Sizwe Dhlomo declares not to have children yet

Sizwe Dhlomo declares not to have children yet

Controversial media personality, Sizwe Dhlomo, has ruffled some feathers on Twitter today, 30 October 2020, after he unintentionally made a nasty joke, which a lover categorized as a “dad joke”.

Sizwe Dhlomo declares not to have children yet

Taking the insult sort of a jump, the radio host explained that he features a catalog of father jokes at his disposal, and he wasn’t afraid to tug them out at any given moment.

The conversation then turned to Tweeps complimenting him by saying that they might see him being an honest father at some point which seeing as if he will soon be 40-years-old, he should probably be brooding about starting a family. One follower went as far as questioning him about his timeline and claimed that his mechanism was ticking. Size responded with, “Personally, I’m alright thereupon. What you’ll want to ask yourself though, is why you’re so concerned with matters of my nuts.”

Size being Sizwe didn’t leave it there, he went on to precise his views on having children, and bluntly stated that there was no point in having kids. He tweeted, “If we’re being honest, there’s no good reason to possess kid. I’m not saying it’s wrong or shouldn’t be done, kodwa ayikho i-need. Waar!”. Fans tried him to influence him to think differently and felt that if he had a toddler, perhaps his views would change.

The start went on to clarify that although he may need kids within the future, he stands by his opinion which is… there’s no good reason. He said, “Nobody said they don’t bring joy to your life & grow you as an individual. My sister has twins for instance & I really like them dearly, I’m so glad she had them. I also will have kids. I’m just saying there’s no good reason though. I will after I bought married. I used to be just saying if we were to justify it logically, kuyabheda.”

The comments began escalating quickly, with many accusing him of being a disappointment to his fans, as his tweets suggested the people should merely not have children. Some suggested that knowing Sizwe, he would soon tell his followers to sue their parents for having them, as they didn’t ask to change state. He then posed an issue, “Well, since you brought that up… If you were asked before being born if you wanted to return here & they outlined everything you’d face also because of the circumstances you’d change state under. How would you’ve got answered?”.

Suffice to mention, Sizwe is sticking to his guns on this one, and time will tell if future Daddy Sizwe will ever change his mind.

I’m sorry I disappointed you Lutendo but I feel we’ll both be okay by 15:41.

— Sizwe Dhlomo (@SizweDhlomo) October 30, 2020

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