Sizwe Dhlomo takes part in sweepstakes contests and strives to win

Sizwe Dhlomo takes part in sweepstakes contests and strives to win

Media personality Sizwe Dhlomo has admitted he’s a touch suspicious about this week’s winning Powerball numbers. This after the National Lottery announced this week’s winning numbers are 5-6-7-8-9-10.

Sizwe Dhlomo takes part in sweepstakes contests and strives to win

Size took to Twitter to mention he was skeptical of the outcomes being real because it seems improbable the consecutive sequence of numbers would happen.

He and lots of others within the country were shocked that the just about impossible result happened, albeit the six numbers, including the bonus number, were “generated randomly”.

The star was spitting bars and comical punch lines while alerting fans to his theory that the lottery was allegedly rigged. He said there is no way lottery numbers would ever have you ever counting as if you’re in grade school and, maybe, there was something nefarious happening.

“Bathi tonight’s Lotto numbers are delivered to you by Steinhoff!”

“Bathi tonight’s Lotto numbers were administered by Bernie Madoff!” tweeted Sizwe.

While some fans were laughing with Sizwe calling out the Powerball results, others had their own theories about what may need to happen.

See for yourself:

After one tweep replied that the result is feasible, Sizwe said he was shaking his head at things. He believes the numbers weren’t technically meant to happen.

“Dude, every coding language features a built-in random generator. this is often just…SMH!” wrote Sizwe.

The star is not any stranger to bringing LOLs to the TL. Earlier this month Sizwe got into a heated exchange with finance guy Vusi Thembekwayo.

The internet was in stitches when Sizwe dropped bombs that stole the show!

After Vusi accused Sizwe of barely passing school, the Kaya FM host came together with his “receipts’

“LOL! this is often rich coming from you. Aren’t you the guy who faked qualifications from Hult (Hult International Business School) and got far away from the SAVCA `(Southern African risk capital and personal Equity Association) board as a result?” said Sizwe.

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