Sneziey Msomi dominates the artistic medium with her new album

Sneziey Msomi dominates the artistic medium with her new album

Former SA Idols contestant Sneziey Msomi has finally released her highly anticipated debut album following her blockbuster Ungubaba, which is an urban gospel song of praise, that speaks about God’s love and mercy to his children

Sneziey Msomi dominates the artistic medium with her new album

The 12-track gospel debut album titled “Izulu” which is that the translated meaning of “heaven ”in Zulu was released today.

Suzie describes the journey of her debut album as amazing and says
that God honored her and her songwriting process in a tremendous way
as she would awaken with a full song in her mind whenever she began to

ZAlebs recently spoke to the artist who has weathered various storms in her music career, to seek out out about what inspired her album and what can we expect from her in 2020/21.

“The inspiration behind my album IZULU is simply graced and Unkulu being Unkulu in my life, I might like my album to remind my supporters that no situation should change the way we praise God and no situation will change the role
God plays in our lives and the way much he loves us” says Sneziey.
Suzie says her sort of singing within the album’s title song will leave many in awe and says it’ll be a surprise to her fans.

“I’m very excited it’s more of a surprise to the people. I do know for an incontrovertible fact that people won’t expect this from me. the sort of music the title of the song is. it’s different from my other songs Kungumusa and Ungubaba but, I’m really excited at an equivalent time I’m still feeling anxious,” she explains.


She says the opposite songs she has released before delved deeper into Sne and defining her sort of singing, but this track may be a typical traditional gospel song. Sneziey collaborated with various artists in her album from the likes of Futhi Nhlapho, Dumi Mkostad, Johnny Vilakazi, and Siyanqoba Mthethwa.

Many songwriters sometimes struggle with the song-writing
process but, Sneziey says her writing journey was Godly driven.

“I would be lying if I were to mention that the writing process was very hard, you see once you have tons of religion in God the sole thing you pray for is that God gives me how to precise everything that’s in my heart and it had been God answering my prayer and giving me different melodies that are filled in my heart that I might just put words that are in my heart and make a song,” she says.

Sneziey Msomi dominates the artistic medium with her new album

Speaking on how she started performing on her song Izulu she says,

“I was sitting with Siyanqoba and that we were just talking because we had just started working in an incomplete song we only recorded two lines and that I was telling about God’s grace in my life because it doesn’t matter whether the planet approves you but the very fact that the universe has approved you and iI was asking my self why God chose me and boom there was a line.”
Asked what her favorite song within the album is she said It’s Yes To Your Will because she has skilled major storms in life, and she or he was drawing herself closer to the song. The musician says she is pleased with her because she wrote all the songs in her debut album.

The vivacious musician says working with multi-award winning male musician Dumi Mkostad was fantastic.

“Dumi is my brother, so to possess him in my journey growing up ahead of him as a traditional girl getting to his studio to try to Andile’s session. To being his backing vocalist, to someone, we created music together. it had been a gorgeous journey to possess him right next to me grooming me with tons of things and having to possess him in my album is one of the foremost exciting things to ever happen,” she states.

She says having Siyabonga Mthethwa work together with her in composing the album, has been a dream come true because she wont to search for him. Suzie says composing her album in lockdown wasn’t a challenge in the least.

“For me, the lockdown was a time where I used to be productive, and having to figure with Siyanqoba our working relationship was very smooth,” she adds.

Sneziey gets her inspiration from her amazing grandmother who has supported her every step of the way in her career. The singer no stranger to the music industry from being a backing vocalist to now being a full-time artist together with her own projects.

In 2019 she took a leap of religion and entered Idols SA where she was the second runner up. From that point, her career has been taking greater heights. She says her grandmother is extremely pleased with her.

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