Somizi and Mohale wish to live in safety away from humans


Somizi and Mohale wish to live in safety away from humans

Somizi and Mohale Mhlongo-Motaung have realized that perhaps having a personal relationship is best than giving the people want they need.

Somizi and Mohale wish to live in safety away from humans

The couple has within the past overshared has had to find out the way to skate the skinny line between public and personal relationship, and it seems that it’s only during this week that things are taking shape.

Just over a few weeks are ago, the couple was shrouded with separation rumors. The rumors were fueled by Somizi and Mohale not posting one another and Mohale allegedly unfollowing Somizi on Instagram. The “Living The Dream with Somizi” reality star did not provide his followers with the content they wanted, in order that they drew their own conclusions on why Somizi wasn’t posting loved up images of him and his husband. To the extent of claiming Mohale had removed of their Dainfern home.

However, social media users and bloggers aren’t the sole ones liable for pushing the fake news as truth. Some who is loved for his candor also contributed to fueling the hearth that keeps the cheating allegations alive. From admitting to flirting with men that weren’t his husband for attention, to admitting that he lets his ally kiss him on the mouth- or is it the opposite way around. To posting suggestive posts pertaining to his “true endless love,” which refers not pertaining to his husband but to a person alleged to always make him have that glow. Basically, Som-Gaga isn’t innocent.

But it seems that in the week the couple wanted us to all or any knowledge that love-lives-in-the-Mhlongo-and-Motaung household; wherever that’s. If y’all though Mohale had dumped Somizi and moved on well, the 2 are reunited and have resumed their regular social media posting schedule. it’s been a short time since the 2 shared at-home content, what they need given us is living-the-best-life content on their numerous vacations.

The latest post from Somizi showcased how the 2 are currently staying at the River Meadow Manor. the 2 took to the time to be playful within the morning, before Som-Gaga visited hit the gym to form sure that those muscles are kept tight and firm. And Mohale revealed that he was living his best life taking within the great thing about the Manor, while bae got his exercises done. Maybe the couple is trying to find a replacement home considering the drama their current home comes with.