Somizi does his best to achieve everything that society needs


Somizi does his best to achieve everything that society needs

Media personality, Somizi Mhlongo, boasts an overflow of 3.6 million followers on his Instagram page, with another 2.4 million followers over on Twitter.

Somizi does his best to achieve everything that society needs

Suffice to mention, the Idols host has bagged an entire lot of money using his influencer status, advertising for brands like Bathu and G. H. Mumm & Cie champagne.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Martinmas 2020, the celebrity showcases a number of his famous friends who own successful businesses, giving them more attention than they need already acquired. He spotlighted Lerato Kganyago’s Flutterby LKG eyelashes, Boity’s Pink Sapphire range, and Zanele Van Zyl’s cooking book, Cooking With Zanele.

He stated, “I’m crushing on these entrepreneurs……let’s support them… let’s make their empires grow… @leratokganyago @boity @cookingwithzanele their products are out….please attend their pages for more info.”

A few hours later, Somizi acknowledged that although he’s super pleased with his friends who do great at their business, the likelihood is that that they were doing fine without his promotional post. He explained that he was actually inspired by DJ Sbu’s initiative to support local businesses, and felt as if he would really like to use his platform to support them also.

He claimed to be charging brands large sums of cash for one post on his social media, however, his decision to showcase smaller business is going to be finished free. Somizi’s plan of action will begin in 2021 and can run the primary six months of the year. consistent with the tv star, he is going to be choosing a deserving small business to market on his page on the last week of every month in hopes of it bringing traction to their companies.

He stated, “I’ve got a platform that’s powerful enough and features a huge following, and that I could use it also to support and promote undiscovered beginners or ideas or businesses which may not necessarily get the chance or can afford to buy advertising.” Some went on to elucidate that he’s hoping to focus on up and coming businesses from young or old entrepreneurs that would really enjoy the chance.

One of his fans commented, “Hey Somizi what if it’s not a business may be an individual is trying to find a 9-5 within the corporate world, can they still advertise themselves using your platform? Or it’s strictly business. Thanks.” To which Somizi responded with, “For now it’s only for business… but u have just given me another great idea… I will be able to check out it.”