Somizi throws his charges at the suspects in the case of theft.

Somizi throws his charges at the suspects in the case of theft.

Somizi has been at the center of a social media uproar after allegations of theft were leveled against him. Hastings Moeng claims that the concept of Dinner at Somizi’s was his and accuses Somgaga of stealing it.

Somizi  throws his charges at the suspects in the case of theft.

A screenshot of the show’s proposal shared by a Twitter user @Eusebius went viral. it’s of an email written by Hastings Moeng, sent to Somizi and Themba on July 28, 2014, proposing a cooking show Dinner Kwa Somizi.

The Idols SA judge’s silence was very loud despite trending the entire day and not addressing the allegations not even within the slightest bit.

However, on Instagram, he posted a video of himself treating his face by wearing a mask and singing an extended to Kelly Khumalo’s hit single Emini.

In the lyrics, Kelly addresses haters who don’t want to ascertain others’ success. Some started off his video at the very moment where it seems as if he’s directing the message at the accusations.

A part of the lyrics says “Don’t you recognize that folks don’t want to ascertain others succeed? They get surprised, they hurt you whilst watching you right within the eyes…”

His followers were divided with some expressing their disappointment at his silence with others wanting answers. He was also faced with another accusation by a user who goes by the name Kea Mogetse who wrote:

@keamogetse45: “he steals people’s ideas Vele he did that to me early this year, after pitching a thought to him he ran with it and made it his, but because it had been more of an ego thing, I didn’t care much although I used to be hurt, my love for him changed then his a thief, pity I don’t have Twitter I used to be also getting to be there guns blazing, I hope he pays”

@miss_mercy1: “How relevant is that this song to you right now?? Jesus, I assume you’re innocent till proven guilty. a number of us will just sit right and watch”

@ndingu_amanda: “It isn’t funny. If you’ve got any thread of decency and integrity, come boldly and deny the allegations or admit you were wrong and do right by the guy. You a fallible human, you’re not always right. Being called out once you are wrong isn’t HATE.”
Somizi  throws his charges at the suspects in the case of theft.
“On 28 July 2014, Hastings Moeng proposed DinnerAtSomizis to Somizi & Themba. the outline of the show is materially almost like the one now flighted (to the shock of Mr. Moeng). See the 2014 email below and choose for yourself,” wrote the Twitter user.

He continued the tweet by saying, “On 2 September 2016 Hastings Moeng wrote to Legend (the current producer) with a synopsis for #DinnerAtSomizis. you’ll see the treatment synopsis below. And judge for yourself. Why is IP theft so rife in entertainment? Multichoice is being coy despite being shown this.”