Somizi welcomes 2021 with its new restaurant with confidence and success

Somizi welcomes 2021 with its new restaurant with confidence and success

Despite the quantity of criticism Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung has received since adding the title chef to his colorful resume, recent events and achievements have restored the star’s confidence in his cooking skills and he plans to open his restaurant soon.

Somizi welcomes 2021 with its new restaurant with confidence and success

Somizi took to his Instagram TV on Wednesday to reveal that he was officially hosting the launch of his book Dinner at Somizi’s — I’m Not A Chef on Thursday. He added that the processes around the launch have solidified his plans to open a restaurant after negative criticism of his chef status almost made him abandon the thought.

“The reason for this video is to encourage everyone that has dreams and there is doubt — self-doubt — but also voice and other people that doubt you and say ‘no it isn’t gonna work’ or ‘you’re not good enough’. With me, with my cooking, I even have experienced tons of affection — the majority, 80% of its love and support — but there’s this 20% that discouraged me and said ‘you not a cook’, ‘you, not a chef’ blah blah blah and it kinda discouraged me at some point,” he said.

Somizi explained that he allowed — for the primary time since finishing his cookbook — people to cook food supported his recipes and after realizing how good the food still tasted he regained his confidence that he did an excellent job on the book.

More than that, having people find it easy to duplicate his recipes confirmed that his restaurant was getting to work.

“I am glad I stuck to my guns … Now I can boldly say my book is sweet and legit. I can proudly and boldly open a restaurant and that I am getting to open a restaurant later, in 2021,” Somizi said before bragging about how delicious his food tastes.

Watch the complete video below.

Just a couple of hours after launching his cookbook on Wednesday, the media personality revealed how presale orders had hit the roof.

Somizi expressed how grateful he was for the amazing support. He took to Instagram and confidently said that judging by the first day of pre-order sales on Wednesday, he was sure that he and his team were getting to break records.

“Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered and apologies to those that encountered problems. The system nearly crashed.”

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