spook as King Monada remove his Wife’s friend

spook as King Monada remove his Wife’s friend

spook as King Monada  remove his Wife’s friend

King Monada of Idibala fame has apologized to his wife’s friend, Maite, for undressing her with insults last week. Monada subjected Maite to a litany of insults, calling her a b!tch and lekgosha (wh0re), among others.

As if that wasn’t enough, Monada even composed an EP of more profanities about Maite and her mother’s genitalia. chatting with Sunday World, the Oskabora Moreki hitmaker said he regretted his actions and extended a peace offering to Maite.

“I was angry and during a fit of anger, I hurled horrible insults at her. I apologize to her, my fans, and South Africans for my conduct. I should have known better, I’m sorry,” he said.

King Monada, real name Khutso Kgatla, said he got hot under the collar when he discovered that Maite was encouraging Lerato (his wife) to go away him, claiming that the singer was abusive towards her.

“I saw a message from Maite encouraging my wife to use my fame to form money for her. She was recruiting her to hitch her stokvel and wanted to use my social media platforms to recruit as many of us as possible so she will make tons of cash. “When my wife didn’t reply, she encouraged her to go away me and said I’m abusing her,” said King Monada.

The sheepish Monada said although he felt disrespected by Maite, he shouldn’t have insulted her. “In a rustic where gender-based violence (GBV) is rife, my actions were regrettable and that I apologize,” he said.

Sunday World has seen Maite’s WhatsApp message sent to Lerato during which she is encouraging her to finish the abusive relationship with the hitmaker and return to high school to create a brighter future for herself.

“I will tell you one thing and that I won’t say it again, this is often about your man exam, it’s not healthy my friend, you’re just being played. “No man who loves his GF [girlfriend] or wife would disconnect them from chatting with people, I’m worried about you, Lerato. you’re not happy and that I doubt you’ll ever be.
spook as King Monada  remove his Wife’s friend
“U gave Khutso all the facility to play over your head, over and once again. you’ve got allowed him to form [you] a laughing stock out there, and still has [the] power to regulate your life. “Wake up and take hold of your life. Having two kids doesn’t cause you to smaller,” reads the WhatsApp. The message further reads: “U are still beautiful to let a person plays [sic] you wish that, he does how he want [sic], but want [sic] to regulate u. Remember, if you’re not happy now, u will never be.

“It is going to be worse. get up for yourself, do something, return to high school. Little did she know that she was stepping on the toes of Monada, who subjected her to a barrage of profanities “B***h, Lerato has everything, money, house, and a car and guesses what, [you only have an @nus]”, reads one among Monada’s messages after he told Maite that her advice to his wife is “sh**t”.

-Sunday World