Stogie T lives in a period of poverty never before

Stogie T lives in a period of poverty never before

Kwesta’s former controversial manager Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi has taken shots at iconic rapper Stogie T.

Stogie T lives in a period of poverty never before

Nota, as people refer him by, has called out Tumi Molekane, who now wants to be called Stogie, saying he’s not as rich as he says he’s.

Nota has denounced Stogie’s riches claiming that he still lives together with his mother because he’s broke and can’t afford his home. during a heated Instagram Live Nota, as some people said, was very disrespectful towards Stogie T saying he didn’t make it due to his music, but rather with the assistance of his mother.

He pushed his buttons by saying he’s not some accomplished artist which he’s a “fraud.”

“He (Stogie) stays at his momma’s crib…he’s still living under his mother’s shadow you recognize. I’m not mentioning your mother in any disrespectful light, I’m talking about you really being where you’re due to your mom and not due to your raps. you probably did not rap your thanks to France, you probably did not rap your thanks to Switzerland.”

Nota took it very far by saying Stogie’s mum made it appear as if he’s an accomplished artist and rapper but he’s not. He added that Stogie and his rap career didn’t take him anywhere in life saying he’s not as successful as he makes it seem, reducing his career to being a hobby.

“It’s not because your music is moving and shaking the planet, you attend those places they are doing not know anything about your music. You not Lucky Dube or something, (and) you, not some accomplished artist, you’re just a dude which will rap…Stogie may be a hobby rapper!”

He further asked people to call one hit from Stogie claiming that he doesn’t have any, ignoring the very fact that Stogie made ‘By Any Means’ featuring Emtee. He concluded his life by saying Stogie may be a fraud.

“You know there are funny things that Stogie T has said, as I said anything bad about his mom. He was looking nice in his songs so he is often brag and has swag and travels on the account of his mother’s MK status. I’m not fighting him, he’s just a fraud,” said Nota.

Stogie T lives in a period of poverty never before
Nota has taken shots at many SA rappers including Nasty C, Cassper Nyovest, and lots of others. Cass clapped back at Nota by saying he’s a fraud after calling Cassper’s recent album a disaster and that he expected better from the rapper.

“This is perhaps the worst of the 5… a minimum of we had remote, we had daughter, we had Malume and an entire classic album with Tsholofelo… As a lover, I’m more disappointed that this is often the worst album from the Pantsula. That’s just my cold take. I wish it wasn’t so!

“You know you’re a wack rapper once you diss Scoop, a man who doesn’t rap and can’t defend himself with a reply…Cassper & Nasty C’s tracklist should just be “a list of yank rappers I attempted to imitate…” said Nota.

Stogie has not skilled the shade.

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