Surprise Link Moonchild Sanelly and Izangoma Zodumo Astonish the audience


Surprise Link Moonchild Sanelly and Izangoma Zodumo Astonish the audience

Ever since the new show, Izangoma Zodumo premiered on Mzansi Magic, it’s been a subject of dialogue and has caused a difference in views due to the sacredness of the custom.

Surprise Link Moonchild Sanelly and Izangoma Zodumo  Astonish the audience

Some are applauding the producers of the show, some feel that it’s blasphemy to possess it on air.

The ever bubbly and controversial singer/songwriter, Moonchild Sanelly loved the very fact that the cast members are your typical South African youth, who are navigating being themselves while answering their true calling.

Moonchild further states that she knows traditional healers just like the ones on Izangoma Zodumo in the real world and wouldn’t care what people think if she were in the same position as them. This comes as no surprise to us because Monchild really doesn’t worry about popular opinion, she lacks Abantu Bazothini Syndrome.

“#izangomazodumo is lit a then realistic about people being people!
Young and fun!!!
If I used to be physically practicing, I’d be the coolest!!! I’d definitely get backlash but I wouldn’t care a bit like now!!! I do know rock and roll thwasaz!!! It’s just on tv now!

Not everyone agrees with this view, like Gigi Lamayne who expressed her disappointment during a series of Tweets about the sacrilegious nature of this reality show.

The rapper accused the show and its sangoma participants of chasing clout at the disadvantage of our sacred customs, Gigi further urged people to treat these customs with care and discretion.

“So wait, ancestors love and need the eye and clout on these tv shows ?? I’m sorry, maybe I don’t understand. I do know there’s awareness on the other hand there’s just plain clout. this is often sacred. This must be treated with care and discretion. Thoughts? ( Thread )”

“I saw this lady say plain outright that she will bewitch people if she wants. At an equivalent time, you’re healing? How does this world collide? It’s an excellent point but let’s not forget to respect Mubadala.”

“They aren’t ornaments or tools to be wont to make money and attract attention to a world of fabricated content. I’m a nobody but this has been bothering me.”

“I don’t mind the readings. on behalf of me, that’s awareness. We learn. We have the interest to understand more about our roots. Symbolism, tradition, culture. But why are we being shown abantu abathwasayo or glam? there’s a viewer’s lens then there are just things we should always not be seeing.”
Surprise Link Moonchild Sanelly and Izangoma Zodumo  Astonish the audience
“If it’s working on a soapie, let it’s that. But reality shows? I don’t know everything but I do know that this consistent with teachings from our elders is sacred. What happens ephehlweni stays there. It’s like giving a medical degree course to patients on tv. Hayi kanji.”

“Then we discover freak accidents happening because people saw something to try to do with vinegar on tv. Teach the youth that this gift is powerful. It’s valued. It’s discreet. It’s beautiful. I’m bewildered. Teach them to attach. This isn’t a glamorous life. It’s a spiritual one.”

Last week, Ntsiki Mazwai also shared similar sentiments to Gigi, after the premiere of the series, Ntsiki posted a 2-minute clip where she bashes the show for disgracefully depicting black people as damaged for creating a mockery out of their traditions.

Do you think the show is disrespectful and will be canceled?