Thabo Mnguni talks about his harassment accusation


Thabo Mnguni talks about his harassment accusation

Thabo Mnguni’s character within the hit SABC 1 drama series Uzalo, Mr. Mbatha, has him dominating headlines which seek to color him as a sexual abuser in his personal life.

Thabo Mnguni talks about his harassment accusation

Mbatha who on the show may be a sexual predator who preys on young church members, ever since taking up the reigns because the pastor at Kwa Mashu Kindom Church, has had allegations of sexual misconduct and sexual assault leveled against him.

Uzalo has issued out a press release that addresses these allegations and made it clear that their cast member isn’t a sexual offender in his personal life. He only plays an abusive character on screen.

In the statement, they urged his supporters to also spread the word and falsify such damning claims.

“The talented Thabo Mnguni who plays Mr. Mbatha has been the topic of various media headlines and stories tainting his professional and personal image. While Uzalo features an intolerance policy when it involves workplace misconduct.

“We even as strongly condemn media’s irresponsible behavior in creating clickbait with false headlines. Thabo Mnguni’s character on uzalo is currently involved in some unscrupulous activities including a sexual assault scandal.

“This may be a fictitious storyline unrelated to his personal life. Uzalo is extremely passionate in presenting stories that keep its viewers conscious of the various topical sociopolitical issues we face as South Africans. Uzalo continues to endure misleading and distorted write-ups defaming their characters in light of this.

“We call upon our valued fans to help us in stopping the spread of such stories. Analyze all news, identify and make note of any media biases. Critically challenge the accuracy of the content of reputable sources – choose well established and trusted news publications read the news, not opinion. Be vigilant of clickbait content. Verify content seek balance, accuracy!” the statement reads.

The show highlighted that they use their characters to inform stories that are happening within the country to shed light on their importance. Catch Mnguni in action.

Sexual misconduct allegations against senior actors aren’t new. Mangaliso Ngema has also faced the music but he still appeared on the tv screens. Actress Lorraine Moropa who also stars in Lithapo last week, took to social media to allege that a senior male colleague had sexually harassed her within the statement she didn’t mention the actor by name.

In a lengthy post the 23-year-old detailed how the male undresses her, by the way, he looks at her and grabs their genitals on set whilst watching her ass and laughs this off within the presence of colleagues. He has since been fired from the show.