The crowd was surprised who invented the dancing challenge and it was none other than Bujwa #JohnVuliGate

The crowd was surprised who invented the dancing challenge and it was none other than Bujwa #JohnVuliGate

Limpopo Boy Bajwa is undoubtedly one of the country’s most recognized dancers within the show business.

The crowd was surprised who invented the dancing challenge and it was none other than Bujwa #JohnVuliGate

The dancer is all kinds of flames together with his magical dance stunts and skills, and he continues to steal the hearts of his legion of fans who are often left mesmerized by his artistry.

ZAlebs recently trapped with the entertainer who is additionally a dancer for talented musician Makhadzi. Bajwa burst onto the dance together with his YouTube videos showcasing his signature dance moves and he has since become a household name.

“It was through social media particularly YouTube that I got recognized by people, who then got me to what’s seen as being famous today, there’s still tons to be improved but I’m grateful for what has transpired within the journey,

The gifted dancer has garnered many views from his YouTube video, proving that he’s hot property and he says dancing to him maybe a calling.

“Dancing may be a calling to me, it comes naturally. it might be disrespectful of me to attribute my gift to a person, but also I had some extent to prove that even village kids from unforgotten corners of our country are often as great as those within the Townships and cities.”


Bajwa hails from the streets of Botlokwa in Polokwane, Limpopo. He says he has two siblings and he was born into a family of hardworking individuals.

“My family didn’t have many rands but many love and care, we were supported in our dreams, we grew up well and it had been fun growing up in Botlokwa,” he says.

The entertainer stole the hearts of the many people when he performed with BET award-winning artist Sho Madjozi at the distinguished Global Citizen Festival headlined by the likes of Beyonce, and Tiwa Savage, and that they livened the stage up with their performance.

Bajwa says he’s a workaholic of note and he enjoys what he does. Although he has managed to create a career within the show business out of being a dancer he says, he will still like to further his studies because education to him is vital.

Bajwa says he completed his matric in 2013 and visited the college to pursue his studies in Management Assistant before dancing took over his life.

“I did native courses and that I would also wish to further my studies in business management-related courses with regards to related future business endeavors,” he states.

Bajwa says he doesn’t only survive through dancing but he has other business collaborations like shoe ranges. The dancer who is hooked into teaching children the way to dance says, he still features a lot to realize in life and he’s planning on opening his own institutions.

It is no secret that the #JohnVuliGateChallenge has spawned a viral dance challenge on social media. This follows after a video of young women seen shaking their assets in tune with the catchy am piano song went viral on social media.
The crowd was surprised who invented the dancing challenge and it was none other than Bujwa #JohnVuliGate
Bajwa said although the challenge has gone viral, the dance moves started together with his very own dance called #SdudlaDance, which then became a challenge.

“Sdudla dance maybe a dance that was formed jokingly, I used to be teasing this big friend of mine during a club one night, I then later took it to the South African State Theatre where my fanbase was huge still is so far then that’s when the general public fell crazy with it. We then created a hashtag that got the country going at that point,”

“Recently a song that matched the dance style was created called John Vuli Gate and South Africans then joined the queue and hashtag by dancing to the song using Sdudla dance some using John Vuli Gate challenge. I’m happy that my work is basically entertaining south Africans albeit they do not credit me,” he explains.

Bajwa who is one of Makhadzi’s permanent dancers says working together with her has been nothing in need of amazing.

“I am working with Makhadzi for over 3 years now and it’s been beautiful to ascertain her evolve and grow over the years it’s really exceptional working with this giant of an artist.”