The Jub Jub video leaked the most important scenes for his fans

The Jub Jub video leaked the most important scenes for his fans

Since releasing the remake version of his classic hit Ndikhokhele at the start of the month, rapper and television presenter Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye has shared some behind-the-scenes footage of the famous faces involved within the remix.
The Jub Jub video leaked the most important scenes for his fans

Jub Jub took to Instagram and showcased what happened when making the now widely loved remix.

Along with a couple of snaps, Jub Jub shared a video showing the artists having an excellent time while recording the song.

What got social media users talking the foremost was Nathi and Mlindo singing to the beat, while Rebecca Malope gave them one among her well-known performances.

The song features Benjamin Dube, Rebecca Malope, Mlindo The Vocalist, Judith Sephuma, Lebo Sekgobela, carbonado, and Nathi.

During the news conference he hosted in Johannesburg last month, Jub Jub revealed that each one profit made up of the song would attend to the families of the youngsters who were affected or lost their lives during his drag racing accident in 2010.

After finally finding it within himself to face what happened 10 years ago, an emotional and nervous Jub Jub told TshisaLIVE how he never thought the day would come where he’d be lecture media about the drag racing incident, which happened while he was intoxicated.

“To tell you the reality, it had been the foremost scariest thing … because I actually didn’t think it had been getting to happen. I never thought each day would come where I’d be able to boldly speak to you guys, especially about the ordeal.”

The controversial Moja Love presenter explained why he wanted all profits to travel to the families.

“I know that a number of the families could do with a touch little bit of help financially, just because I do know when that ordeal happened, those were school kids, those kids were studying to be somebody – we do not even know if a number of those kids were getting to be breadwinners. I do not know what those kids were getting to be …

“I’m not saying I would like to exchange those kids but what I’m saying is Ma, I’m here, I’m willing to be your son, to assist you throughout, even those that are brain-damaged, I’m willing to assist in order that they can feed their families.”

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