The police officers are notorious and added them to # The Queen Mzansi

The police officers are notorious and added them to # The Queen Mzansi

The police officers are notorious and added them to # The Queen Mzansi

The Khozas thought their troubles were over when Robocop Jerry Maake died. But they couldn’t be more wrong …

Four seasons of The Queen came to a climax with the tragic death of favorite character Jerry Maake. We’ve come to expect plot twists, drama, and suspense from this drama, and that we are never disappointed.

The new season started in the week and it’s nothing in need of amazing as we are introduced to at least one of Mzansi’s favorite acting duos.

Bad cops on the increase
Renowned actors Rapulana Seiphemo and Kenneth Nkosi are the new additions to The Queen cast and, by the design of things, they’re bringing more drama to our screens as a pair of notorious cops.

We’ve seen this duo together on several movies, including White Wedding, Tsotsi, and Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalem. Their onscreen chemistry always leaves an enduring impression on viewers.

Meet Colonel Hector Sebata
Portrayed by Rapulana Seiphemo, Hector may be a man liable for ordering successful on Harriet, which ended up taking Jerry Maake’s life. he’s the new colonel, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He may encounter as an ethical policeman but he’s, in fact, a drug supplier who is bent converting the Tembisa police headquarters into his own drug hub.

The police officers are notorious and added them to # The Queen Mzansi

His introduction to drugs dates back to when he was still a constable. Hector started by helping drug dealers move their narcotics in his cruiser, and when he became a detective, he moved up to offering drug dealers protection.

But that wasn’t enough – the upper he ranked in his profession, the more power he craved within the drug world. Now as a colonel responsible for his station, he also wants to be responsible for his cocaine territory – an equivalent territory that belongs to the Khoza family. we will already sense an intense rivalry between him and therefore the Khozas. If they thought Jerry’s death meant freedom, they don’t know what’s coming their way.

Meet Detective Jaros Motale aka Jacarumba

Portrayed by Kenneth Nkosi, Jaros was born to poor parents and always believed the chances were stacked against him.

Hector got him his job as a cop and he’s been indebted to him ever since. Whatever Hector orders, he will execute without hesitation.

Jaros is Hector’s chief assistant. He was ordered by Hector to tug the trigger on Harriet and he made an enormous mistake by killing the incorrect person, Jerry Maake. he’s now assigned the case to research the people that killed Jerry, knowing alright that he’s the culprit.

It looks like Jaros is that the sort of man who can’t do anything right. it’s like he could also be the weakest link during this duo. His mistakes may lead them to tons more trouble than they anticipate.

Rapulana Seiphemo reunites with Connie Ferguson
The pair played husband and wife on Generations as Tau Mogale and Karabo Moroka. Viewers couldn’t help but feel all nostalgic because the two reunited again on screen.

The influx of latest characters within the past few seasons shows that the Fergusons are serious about giving viewers nothing but the simplest in entertainment

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