The Queen reviews favorite parts of her new film

The Queen reviews favorite parts of her new film

While 2020 has been a true life film for many folks, even it couldn’t out-do the dramatic, action movie Mzansi Magic’s The Queen was this year.

The Queen reviews favorite parts of her new film

The telenovela was so lit that there was everything from deaths, resurrections, to straight-up luxury vehicle explosions and SA was here for it!

The fictional world that exists between Tembisa and Midrand and revolves around the drug-dealing Khoza family, led by the powerhouse that’s Harriet Khoza (played by Connie Ferguson), really took it up a notch this year.

Not only did 2020 bring us the untimely death of Kea (played by Dineo Langa) but it brought us the shocking resurrection of Shaka from the dead, all the while serving us with Petronella’s unmatched humor.

Kagiso found himself entangled in another loveless relationship — as per the norm — then did Schumer.

However, the one one that seemingly received every lemon 2020 had, was Vuyiswa. Not only did the facility woman lose her husband, but she also had to fight together with his family who were pure oppressors, and later when she attempted to urge back to “living”, she was drugged then raped … Uh mean, how terrible can one year be?

Here are the highest five moments from ‘The Queen’:
Kea died and Harriet went crazy!

After watching the black BMW that was supposedly transporting Kea Khoza magnify on The Queen, the one thing fans of the telenovela agree on is that the Fergusons sure did Dineo Langa dirty with such a “weak” exit.

Viewers of The Queen recently watched Sthembiso (Jerry Maake’s colleague) get shot without his face even appearing within the episode. While viewers knew Kea wasn’t getting to be a part of season five, that they had high expectations of how her exit would be written.

Anyway, Kea’s death resulted in temporary insanity for Harriet.

Brutus found love … with Noma *insert big eyes emoji*

In another episode of things fans were never ready for, 2020 gave the viewers a version of Brutus crazy. The one male fans thought would be a bachelor forever, caught feelings for Noma.

The pair gave birth to #NomaBrutie.

Fans thought it had been uber cute!

Vuyiswa had a tragic year!

The Queen’s latest “spiked drink that led to rape” storyline that revolves around a recent widow, Vuyiswa, left fans of The Queen both hurt and equally impressed by acting skills that made them forget she’s a fictitious character.

Fans found themselves emotional as they watched Vuyiswa affect the hectic trauma and heavy emotions that survivors of rape undergo. This exact same woman lost her husband also. it had been only too much for fans to require.

Shaka awakened from the dead …

The Queen was one huge thriller this year and when Shaka made his return from the dead fans were excited and also very confused.

Fans were hoping that a resurrected Shaka would come trying to find peace rather than vengeance and that they are now afraid that he’s getting to kill a number of their faces, as it’s become clear that anger has blinded him.

Kagiso and Dingane, who were liable for Shaka’s “death”, are now on the receiving end of Shaka’s anger and wrath. The guy tortured the pair hard.

While Kagiso had his mother to guard him, Dingane could also be overlooked within the cold because Brutus was still embracing his miracle. That guy loves Shaka quite anyone and is not afraid to point out it

Petronella took patrolling to a subsequent level, at Tau … erm Hector’s house

Petronella has been serving the viewers with gem after gem as she puts the Sebata daughters in their places.

Just the opposite day, she had to remind them to select up after themselves because while she could also be employed by their father, she’s a house executive, not their maid.

She’s such a mood and there is just no denying her talent.

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