The realistic kykNET program honors the Le Roux family

The realistic kykNET program honors the Le Roux family


The Roux family — Braam, Manie, Lisa, Adriaan and Heinrich — was crowned because the winners of kykNET’s acclaimed reality show, Kwarantyn, and received a complete cash prize of R250 000.

The excitement was palpable when The Caretaker, Ferdinand Rabie, announced the Le Roux family as Kwarantyn’s firs season. The winners are selected supported viewers’ votes, and therefore the Le Roux family was definitely a fan-favourite.

Fans are following along DStv channel 148 for the past two months and were entertained by the creative food challenges, art projects and early morning karaoke workouts, all within lockdown protocols, mind you.

Not a dull moment was had. The Le Roux family looked back on a number of their highlights on the show:

“There were various highlights during our time on Kwarantyn – Lisa’s birthday that we celebrated with balloons and cake, Francois van Coke’s call, the fun within the evenings and therefore the games we played. We’re getting to miss Kwarantyn”.

The Scheepers family recalled that meeting celebs Cindy Swanepoel and Stephanie Baardman was a particular highlight for them, while the Le Roux family’s beloved pooch, Vlooi, was successful with viewers.

Both families agree that Kwarantyn exceeded their expectations – it had been a much bigger challenge than they ever imagined. Jade said they never expected it to be so emotional.

Manie, in turn, said the experience wasn’t as stressful needless to say , but quickly adds that it “definitely wasn’t a vacation either. And Lisa? Well, the cameras almost need to her!

“I didn’t expect there to be numerous cameras on us!”

Although the Scheepers family didn’t win, they don’t leave empty-handed either. Caryn wins the prize for being the foremost authentic and honest contestant. For that, she received R10 000 in cash.

kykNET said during a handout that “this prize was awarded by the Kwarantyn team who kept an eye fixed on the 2 families 24/7”. The Le Roux and Scheepers families
respectively received R41 000 and R40 000 in vouchers during the series also .

But that’s not all. The Scheepers family was surprised with the proceeds from selling the art pieces created while on auction. The artwork brought during a total of R156 000, which can be donated to the Scheepers family.

Emo Adams also offered to assist Austin together with his first online show and can support him with a possible singing career. The touching moment are often viewed below.

Both families said that they learned tons from their time on the truth how. The Le Roux family remarked that they learned more about one another also as the way to work together as a team.

“I learnt to not underestimate my capabilities. a number of the challenges seemed impossible, but once I started with it, I realised I could do it!”

Both families also want to increase their heartfelt gratitude to viewers for his or her support and votes. The Scheepers family said they were grateful for the motivation they received from viewers.

“We love you!”, the Le Roux family said.

M-Net director Karen Meiring said, “Kwarantyn took us through a spectrum of experiences: from darker moments to great joys” and adds that it had been “more than a social experiment” to her and therefore the team.

“It entertained and brought cultures closer together. many thanks to Team Scheepers and Le Roux that we might be a part of love and loss. Enjoy your well-deserved life faraway from Kwarantyn.”

“My husband has been the foremost consistent person in my life and that i really, really appreciate that about him. he’s kind, caring, and has empathy which is basically important [to me] in marriage, well to possess a partner like that honestly.”