The Senzo murderers deny any involvement

The Senzo murderers deny any involvement

The very status murder case of Senzo Meyiwa has taken a rather interesting turn this morning, following the court appearance of the five men accused of his murder.

The Senzo murderers deny any involvement

The five accused men refused to step inside the dock and also refused to use for bail because they claim to be innocent.

According to a live report released by SABC News reporter Chriselda Lewis, the names of the accused are as follows, Muzikawulahlelwa S’tembu Sibiya, Bongani Sandiso Ntanzi, Mthobisi Prince Mncube, Mthokosizeni Ziphozonke Maphisa, and Sifikuhle Nkani Ntuli. of these men say they’re innocent and that they believe they’re used as scapegoats to guard the important mastermind who is loaded with cash.

Some of the accused men have already got their own pending cases apart from Senzo Meyiwa’s murder case, with some having already been imprisoned at the time of Senzo’s murder in 2014. Another was sentenced and charged in June for a separate case, so he’s surprised that he appeared in court today. In all, the accused say the cops are dirty.

“Accused number 3, refuses to enter the dock. He tells the Magistrate that he didn’t kill the soccer sensation. Accused number 3 tells the Magistrate that Police Minister Bheki Cele doesn’t respect their Constitutional rights,” reports Chriselda.

“Accused number 4 says he doesn’t see the necessity to inform the court why he needs a lawyer because he didn’t kill #SenzoMeyiwa. Accused number 5 says he also doesn’t see the necessity for the services of a personal representative because he doesn’t know why he’s here.”

All the lads want the media to film their faces therefore the nation can see for themselves what they’re faced with and “see the ‘thuggery’ during this case.” one among the suspects points to a person within the courtroom, who is suspected to be a policeman, for framing them for the murder case.

He claims that the policeman visited his area to arrest an individual, by the name of Buthelezi who he accused of murdering Senzo. Then all of a sudden, they get arrested for the murder.

Another suspect reiterates that the people that are alleged to be within the courtroom rather than them aren’t appearing because they need money.

“The state Prosecutor George Baloyi says they need the suspects to stay behind bars. they’re going to need to convince this court why they deserve bail,” Chriselda concludes her reporting.

After watching the LIVE coverage of the court proceedings, Mzansi has been conflicted with many questions in their heads saying the story doesn’t add up.

Senzo’s brother, Sfiso Meyiwa says he’s shocked because the family expected the accused to confess to the murder however, the events of today leave them in disbelief.

The matter has been postponed to November 27.

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