Theo Kgosinkwe And Vourné prepare to welcome their second child

Theo Kgosinkwe And Vourné prepare to welcome their second child

It seems as if the trend of hosting quite one baby shower is slowly becoming a thing in ZAlebville.

Theo Kgosinkwe And Vourné prepare to welcome their second child

the newest couple to celebrate their unborn daughter has recently married Theo Kgosinkwe and his lovely wife Vourné Williams.

The lovebirds tied the knot during a private ceremony only attended by family and shut friends. Their wedding happened on Bourne’s 26th birthday and that they said that they had to postpone all the celebrations to next year, “Due to COVID-19 Bourne and that I had to postpone our wedding celebrations for the next year 2021. But we couldn’t wait to be husband and wife. Yesterday I married my bestie,” announced Theo on Instagram.

The couple then hosted a baby-reveal gender party and baby shower where Theo asked fans to guess the gender of the baby. In an Instagram post, the musician wrote “1 Samuel 1:27 I (we) prayed for this child and therefore the Lord has granted me (us) What I (we) asked of him. We had an excellent day with a few friends and family at the gender reveal -You can take a guess Is it a boy or girl?”

They recently had a second baby shower for his or her daughter and this point it had been inspired by pink butterflies which also had blue balloons. Their first baby shower was inspired by Mickey Mouse.

Vourné thanked everyone who went hands-on in planning her baby shower, above all her mother and doting father-to-be husband. Her pink floral dress was designed by the amazing Nhlanhla Nciza, Bourne revealed.

“Yesterday We Celebrated Baby K…Thank you, God, for our beautiful blessing
Talk about a spoiled daughter,” she wrote. “Thank you to my mother and husband for a gorgeous baby was everything and more.
Truly appreciate you both soooo much,” she revealed.

She posted more pictures this morning, saying she and her husband prayed for his or her daughter.
Theo Kgosinkwe And Vourné prepare to welcome their second child
Speaking to TshisaLive after the announcement of their pregnancy, Theo gushed over his wife. “I am a really happy and excited husband. My wife is additionally really happy. it’s during this adversity that we attempt to seem for something positive, to remain positive despite the challenges. Love always wins, even under lockdown.”

Minnie Dlamini just welcomed her first baby three baby showers later. the tv star got her first surprise baby shower in Durban organized by her family and her son’s godmother Mam Mkhize. This was followed by another baby shower in Joburg where she revealed that she and Quinton expect a baby boy. Thereafter Minnie reveals that she had a 3rd baby shower courtesy of her in-laws, The Jones’.

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