#Thungisani.! Is Mihlali Getting Married?

#Thungisani.! Is Mihlali Getting Married?

Wedding bells could be ringing very soon in ZAlebville if Mihlali Ndamase’s tweet is anything to travel by. The year 2020 has been nothing in need of amazing as many celebs are flaunting their new love on social media, and tons of babies are born and a few are still on the way.
#Thungisani.! Is Mihlali Getting Married?

Despite the coronavirus pandemic there’s still much to celebrate for. It seems as if another celebration is coming as beauty influencer, took to Twitter to tell her fans that they ought to tell get their outfits ready.

She captioned her post “Ladies and gentlemen, thungisani. I repeat, THUNGISANI,” amid a heart emoji. Usually when some says Thungisani they mean that they’re getting hitched.

The influencer who is quiet secretive about who she is dating is rumored to possess previously been crazy with one among the main League DJ’s Banele.

Mihlali recently vented her frustration on the re-introduction of loadshedding and spending her time alone within the dark. The influencer said she must find a boyfriend who will sit together with her “I’m not gonna have electricity from 8pm till midnight, personally i want a boyfriend ASAP. I’m gonna click and sit within the dark alone I hate it here,” she said during a tweet.

Mihlali recently told men that they are doing not own women’s bodies, after she was called a hoe for happening dates with several men.

“Basically what i’m saying you’ll be having dinners with somebody else , dinners with somebody else the subsequent week. it’s nothing to try to to with sexual relations, it’s just being single and mingling. Socializing, especially if you’re someone who is going to know people, meeting new people… Men got to stop policing women’s bodies and what they are doing , it’s nothing to try to to with you.” she said during a video.

The video caused quiet a stir on social media, with many dragging her, however she defended herself during a few tweets. Mihlali told them off and a number of other women supported her.

Boity even weighed in her opinion on the talk and located herself being dragged by trolls, but she clapped back.

Mihlali recently said she is going to update her fans in January about her decide to celibate we do not know what she has selected but our outfits are going to be ready soon.